Women in Security: Recognising our female talent

International Women’s Day reminds us at Hanwha Techwin Europe that, across all our pre- and post-sales activities — including product management, technical support, sales & marketing, admin, customer care and logistics — we have been fortunate to have recruited women of the highest calibre to perform job roles that are crucial to our ongoing success.

We recognise how traditionally male-driven the Security industry is, and whilst we appreciate every single employee regardless of their gender or background, we are proud to say that we have on our team some of the most talented women working within the security industry today.

The list would be too long to include them all, but out of the many brilliant women who share the same passion to exceed our customers’ expectations, we wanted to highlight a particularly bright shining star in our Technical team:


Meet Elaine

women in security (Elaine Moran, Hanwha Techwin)

Elaine is Hanwha Techwin’s Technical Support & Field Engineer, providing support on all hardware and software in our product range. She has a B.Eng in Computer and Communications Engineering, and a Msc. in Advanced Security and Digital Forensics. In her own words…

I’ve been in the industry for just over 10 years and I have never had any interaction with a female technical support engineer, commissioning engineer, service engineer or project manager in any other company.

The industry is predominant staffed by men, which is a shame as women would have a lot to contribute to the industry and STEM roles in general. From a personal point of view, it would be nice to receive less requests to be ‘put though to Technical Support’ when I answer the phone. When customers hear a female voice they don’t associate that with someone who is technical and has worked in the industry and I think that needs to change.  – Elaine Moran