Wisenet: the System Integrator’s friend

In this first of a series of articles, we highlight some of the ways in which Hanwha Techwin is making life easier for the many thousands of system integrators for whom Wisenet is always the first choice.

The high performance and reliability of its feature-rich cameras and recording solutions has meant Wisenet has become one of the video surveillance industry’s most trusted brands. However, Hanwha Techwin knows that having best-in-class products is not enough to earn long term brand loyalty from system integrators. This is why we also offer unbeatable levels of pre and post-sales support and make it as easy as possible for Wisenet products to be specified, installed, commissioned and maintained.


System Design

Hanwha Techwin offers a wide range of tools to make life easier for system integrators at every stage of a project.

  • Wisenet Toolbox Plus: Available via the Hanwha Techwin Europe website, Toolbox Plus provides quick access to the capabilities, lens options and fields of view of a comprehensive range of Wisenet cameras, DVRs, NVRs, encoders/decoders and accessories. System integrators can easily search, filter and compare product specifications side-by-side and then compile a list of the products required for a specific project. This, in turn, generates a report on the estimated bandwidth and storage requirements for the project.
  • System designers have access to a number of time-saving online tools, including BIM models of Wisenet products.

 Wisenet ToolBox


Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance

  • Device Manager is an invaluable tool for commissioning, operating and maintaining any Wisenet video surveillance solution. It offers a wide range of integrated features which make it easier to discover and configure Wisenet cameras and recorders, as well as centrally change passwords and firmware. It is not surprising therefore that so many system integrators are using Device Manager for every new installation and on service visits.
  • Free firmware and software upgrades are available for all Wisenet cameras and recorders.
  • The Wisenet Installation App offers the convenience, via a Wi-Fi dongle, of seeing camera images using a smartphone or tablet, negating the need to set up a monitor to correctly angle/position a camera.
  • A variety of brackets are available to suit different installation requirements.


System integrator-friendly Wisenet products

Modular designed cameras: Recently launched Wisenet dome cameras have a four-part magnetic modular design which significantly reduces the time normally needed to install a camera. This is because the magnets which lock sensor modules into the dome housing negate the need to screw the component parts together.

These dome cameras offer system integrators a host of other advantages, including the following:

  • Access to a camera and its network port without having to take it out of its packaging provides the option to prefigure IP network settings from the convenience of a system integrator’s workshop.
  • A modular design means that only the cameras’ bases have to initially be delivered to site at the first fix stage, thus avoiding the difficulty of delivering and securely storing cameras on building sites.
  • Camera replacement is easy and efficient as there is no need to uninstall the whole camera. Instead, engineers need to just simply unclip the magnetic camera module.
  • An extended tilt range of up to 85 degrees ensures wide area coverage and particularly so when they are installed in locations which have low ceiling heights.


These time saving and installer-friendly features are built into the dome cameras within the Wisenet P AI, Wisenet X Plus and Wisenet X PoE Extender series, as well as the very latest Wisenet X dome cameras which incorporate our next generation Wisenet 7chipset. They will also be included as standard for almost all new Wisenet dome cameras introduced in the future

System expansion with minimum disruption: With Wisenet, adding extra cameras doesn’t always require a completely new cable run or the provision of additional network support devices, such as a switch. This is because Wisenet PoE extender cameras are designed to save integrators time and money when there is a requirement to install two cameras within 80 metres of each other. As such, they provide a highly cost-effective way to add a camera or another PoE enabled device to an existing system, or install a new two camera video surveillance solution. Being part of the Wisenet X Plus series means that the PoE extender cameras are able to offer the same long list of practical and time saving features.

Remotely connect to NVRs: The time installation engineers have to spend on site can be further reduced with the ability to remotely connect to selected Wisenet NVRs via a smartphone or tablet by using P2P and unique QR product codes, without having to set up a complex network.

Some Wisenet NVRs also have built-in PoE ports which negate the need to install a dedicated network switch, as well as power points and separate cabling to each camera location.

There are many other additional reasons why Wisenet can claim to be a system integrator’s friend and we will be shining a light on these in future articles. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the features, products or services mentioned in this article or have a suggestion as to how Wisenet can become even more systems integrator friendly, please email Uri Guterman at [email protected]