Wisenet Cameras, supporting Medical Students’ Education at Beykent University

“Hanwha Techwin has always been just a phone call away when we needed them and they also provided extensive training.” – Barkin Oktem, IT manager, Beykent University



Beykent University is an established non-profit organisation by Adem Celik-Beykent Educational Foundation founded in 1997. Since then, It has grown its teaching and research facilities over five campuses for a population of approximately 29,000 students. The university offers a high quality learning experience which includes 72 Associate’s degrees, 69 Bachelor’s degrees and over 50 Postgraduate programs.

Medical students at Beykent University must take lab exercises including audiometry and advanced simulation, however, in the audiometry lab, only 3 out of 20 students among a class are able to be in the silent cabin at once to carry out their experiments. It was crucial that students experiments were properly reviewed whilst they were being carried out and because of this, Hanwha Techwin needed to step in.

Beykent University_1Solution

450 Wisenet cameras were installed at multiple campuses of the university, including 5 SND-6084R‘s and 11 XNO-8080R‘s.

Not only were Wisenet cameras and recorders deployed throughout Beykent University to help create a safe and secure environment, they were also utilised for educational purposes; In the audiometry lab, cameras were installed inside the cabin so students could easily observe what their peers were doing when carrying out experiments and for the advanced simulation lab, cameras were used to collect footage from 3 simulation rooms and play them back in the observation room, allowing for students to observe their classmates work in a single location.



“The most important reason for us choosing Wisenet products was the efficient way they work smoothly with software applications. The functionality promised to us at the sales stage has been delivered and the Hanwha Techwin team in the Turkey office have handled the project with care from start to finish. They have always been just a phone call away when we needed them for problem solving and they also provided extensive trainings. Their willingness to ensure continuity of the project has been a major benefit to us. As a result, we will be continuing to install Wisenet cameras in other locations throughout the University and are planning to have about 700 installed by the end of the project,” Barkin Oktem, IT manager at Beykent University, said.