Hanwha Techwin expands its range of NVRs supporting Wisenet AI cameras

The introduction of 8 and 16 channel Wisenet X Series NVRs makes it cost-effective for even small businesses to take advantage of the licence-free Deep Learning AI video analytics built into Wisenet AI cameras.

As is the case with the 32 and 64 Wisenet X NVRs introduced in 2020, by reading the AI metadata captured by Wisenet AI cameras, the new NVRs are able to help users to quickly and accurately search video for objects and the attributes associated to them.

The Deep Learning AI video analytics simultaneously detects and classifies various object types, including people, vehicles, faces and license plates, and is supported by Wisenet AI algorithms. Unique to Hanwha Techwin, these identify the attributes of objects or people, such as age group, gender or colour of the clothing a person is wearing.

The attributes are saved as metadata on the NVRs alongside the images captured by the cameras, enabling users to quickly search for specific objects or incidents. The algorithms are even able to recognise if a person is wearing glasses or holding a bag.


Key features shared by the NVRs include the following:

  • A brand-new user interface
  • New trapezium design extends the life of HDDs by enhanced heating dissipation.
  • Up to 32MP recording with improved support for Wisenet 4K, 8K, thermal imaging, PTZ and multi-sensor models.
  • WiseStream II complementary compression technology, which when combined with H.265 compression, improves bandwidth efficiency by up to 75% compared to current H.264 technology.
  • Dual HDMI and VGA display outputs.
  • Automatic Recovery Back-up
  • Event push notifications to smartphones.
  • ONVIF Profile S conformant.



Easy to configure

The installation time of the new NVRs is minimised by the ability of engineers to remotely connect to the NVRs. This is achieved via a smartphone or tablet without having to set up a complex network by using P2P and unique QR product codes. Configuration of the NVRs is easily achieved with the help of an intuitive interface and installation Wizard.


GDPR Compliance Support

Security personnel can apply bookmarks to prevent important video from being overwritten, with the NVRs programmed to automatically delete the bookmarked video after a defined time period to ensure compliance with GDPR.


NDAA compliant

The NVRs are also NDAA-compliant, which has become an essential requirement that consultants, system designers and system integrators need to take into consideration when submitting tenders for projects involving clients who operate multi-nationally.


The 3 new Wisenet X NVRs are as follows:

  • XRN-820S: 8 channels. Up to 100Mbps network camera recording with up to 12TB data storage via 2 SATA HDDs slots.
  • XRN-1620SB1: 16 channels. Up to 140Mbps network camera recording with up to 24TB data storage via 4 SATA HDDs slots.
  • XRN-1620B2: 16 channels. Up to 140Mbps network camera recording with up to 80TB data storage via 8 SATA HDDs slots.


“There are so many ways in which Deep Learning AI video analytics can enhance the value of a video surveillance solution and these new NVRs make the technology affordable even for applications which only require a small number of cameras”, said Uri Guterman, Head of Product & Marketing for Hanwha Techwin Europe.

“Together with Wisenet AI cameras, the NVRs offer a high degree of detection accuracy, whilst minimising false alarms. In addition to providing users with a powerful tool to identify and respond quickly to any suspicious activity, they also offer businesses, and particularly the retail sector, with the opportunity to capture and analyse business intelligence”.