Wired Up Security Solutions celebrate success

Wired Up Security Solutions celebrate success asondonderry welcomes in 2013 Year of Culture!

Wired Up Security Solutions, in partnership with Derry- Londonderry’s New Years Eve event managers installed 14 SNP-3750 pan, tilt and zoom cameras and an Evidence Master Wireless Network to allow the monitoring of crowd activity.

After many years of turmoil, Derry~Londonderry is enjoying the dividend of the peace process and as such is enjoying a dramatic transformation both physically and culturally. The pace of change was recognised when Derry-Londonderry made history when it was awarded the inaugural UK City of Culture designation for 2013.

Installed on temporary pole structures in locations where it was felt there was likely to be a risk to crowd safety, including the areas around the River Foyle and Peace Bridge where well wishers were able to enjoy a spectacular reworks and pyrotechnics display, the SNP-3750’s 37 x optical zoom feature allowed operators in the event control room to monitor in close detail any potential problems. Digital Image Stabilisation (DIS) technology equipped the cameras to negate the effects of camera shake which may have been caused by wind.

The cameras were linked to the event control room via an Evidence Master Wireless Network system which is able to transmit high resolution images up to 6.25 miles. Operating on a number of licence free bands and securely encrypted, it is designed to save the time and costs normally incurred with connecting cameras using optical fibre and allowing cameras to be installed quickly with little or no civil works involved.

Operators supplied by Wired Up Security Solutions were able to monitor the live images, or retrieve recorded video with the help of a Wisenet network video recorder which utilises H.264 compression to minimise bandwidth transmission requirements, whilst maintaining high image quality.