WE MOVE with trust

WE MOVE with trust in our partners

WE MOVE with trust in our cyber security

WE MOVE with trust in our quality & service

WE MOVE with a 5 year warranty


We move with trust in our partners. The Hanwha Techwin team looks to move forwards with a passion to excel in everything we do. In addition to producing quality products, we will achieve this by building on the trust we have in our distribution and technology partners. We respect and highly value their expertise and the vital contribution they make to the supply chain, for the benefit of our end-user customers.

We move with trust in our cyber security. We remain vigilant to ensure the Hanwha Wisenet cameras, recording devices and software you entrust to protect your property, people and assets, are equipped to minimise the threat from cyber attacks. Installer and system integrators who source video surveillance solutions from Hanwha Techwin can sleep well at night knowing we are protective of their relationships with their clients. We are doing whatever is possible to protect the integrity of the systems they install and we will not endanger their reputation with their clients by allowing hackers to get in through the ‘back door’.

We will move with trust in our quality and service. Nothing is more important to us than having satisfied customers who trust the Hanwha Wisenet brand. We know offering ‘Best in Class’ products is not enough.

  • We will capitalise on the ongoing investment in our future by our parent company in order to expand the resources at our Customer Service Centre and locally based technicians in line with demand.
  • We will continue grow our pre and post sales teams by recruiting colleagues who are of the highest calibre.
  • We will resolve quickly and without fuss any issues you might encounter in respect of deliveries or the speedy repairs and replacement of any faulty products. Our repair centre will remain determined to earn your trust by fulfilling our commitment to a five-day turnaround on repairs if a fault develops.
  • We will endeavour to continually improve in everything we do, which is why we will record and learn from how all requests for technical support, Advanced Replacement, RMA’s and repairs, are dealt with.
  • We will continue to develop our European warehouse with multilingual logistics experts who are dedicated to ensuring that we deliver all in-stock orders to anywhere in Europe within three days.

We move with a 5 year warranty.
We want to reward the trust which STEP Partners have placed in Hanwha Techwin and our solutions. Hanwha Techwin Silver, Gold and Diamond level STEP Partners are now able to benefit from our new 5 year Warranty Program which covers parts and labour on all Hanwha Techwin IP cameras and NVRs, with the exception of zoom/focus functionality, pan/tilt motor assemblies, slip-rings and HDDs, which will remain at 3 years.

The introduction of the extended Warranty Programme demonstrates our confidence in the robustness of our products. It is just one of the many ways in which we are striving to build a reputation for being a brand which can be trusted to be the single source provider of high performance, end-to-end video surveillance solutions.

We are Hanwha Techwin and WE MOVE with trust