Hanwha Vision's Commitment to Cyber Security

Organize çeteler ve fırsatçı bilgisayar korsanları, video gözetim sistemlerine sızmak için giderek daha sofistike yöntemler kullanmaktadır. İster suç amaçlı ister kötü niyetli olsun, siber saldırılar kameralı reputation of the video surveillance industry.

As a global security solutions provider, Hanwha Vision fully understands its responsibility to ensure its products incorporate innovative solutions that will help users minimise the risk of their video surveillance systems being hacked.

With cyber security always at the top of its priority list, Hanwha Vision is committed to designing, developing and manufacturing products and solutions which are cyber-secure, keep users’ confidential information safe and comply with international data protection regulations and standards.


Cyber Security by Design

Our cyber security strategy places cyber-attack protection as a fundamental feature of our video surveillance products and solutions. This is taken into account right at the start of the design process, not purely treated as yet another of a long list of useful features.


Prompt Security Vulnerability Response

Wisenet products come with secure pre-configured passwords which users are required to change after setup. These come with minimum mandatory and auto-enforced password protocols, such as prohibiting the consecutive use of the same character and encouraging the use of special characters.

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Compliance with international regulations and standards

Using an intentionally created ‘back door’ to gain access to a camera, recorder or network creates opportunities for cyber attacks to take place. Hanwha Vision recognised this as far back as 2012, when we removed a function used for remote customer support that had the potential to enable hackers to exploit it.

NVR Vulnerability Notice

Vulnerabilities have been found in third party technology used on Wisenet recorders with a P2P connection. Download for more information on FW updates and affected products.


Hanwha Vision’s most powerful chipset to date

With the recent introduction of its new proprietary chipset, Hanwha Vision can yet again claim to set a new standard for IP network video surveillance solutions. The ground-breaking Wisenet7 chipset boasts an impressive list of technologies that are designed to significantly improve the cyber security credentials of Wisenet cameras.

Wisenet cameras equipped with the Wisenet7 not only have achieved UL CAP certification, but they also meet the NDAA compliant.

  • UL CAP Certification
  • Secure Boot Verification
  • Secure OS
  • Secure JTAG

Cyber Security team (S-CERT)

Hanwha Vision recognises the importance of being open and honest with customers when we identify new cyber security threats. We are determined to move quickly to update our firmware to combat them, with the help of our in-house, who are entirely focused on addressing any potential security vulnerabilities in our Wisenet products and solutions. S-CERT team members have been carefully hand-picked for their expertise in being able to identify, analyse and quickly respond with effective countermeasures to any cyber security threat.


Fast Response to Security Vulnerabilities

Found a potential vulnerability? Contact our dedicated Cyber Security team



Our Wisenet cameras, recording devices and video management software (VMS) are equipped with features and functions that are able to prevent confidential data from being accessed, copied or tampered with, providing system integrators and end-users with peace of mind knowing that their video surveillance systems comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Hanwha Vision also provide support for the S-COP video masking software application, developed by our technology partner, VORA Systems. This enables security personnel to quickly and easily redact faces from video in order to protect a person’s right to privacy.



There are a growing number of acronyms that are regularly used to describe the attributes of video surveillance products, especially with regard to cyber security, but one which may not be on the radar of European installers and integrators is NDAA. While it is a US-based initiative, it still is of importance to many European businesses. The reality is users are looking to the regulations to identify trusted partners for future projects. Additionally, businesses with US-based headquarters may be advised by the parent company to avoid blacklisted manufacturers to ensure higher levels of security.


Wisenet7: A new world of cyber security

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