Open Platform

The Power of Open Platform

The massive processing power of the open platform chipsets at the heart of Wisenet cameras provides the opportunity to run multiple on-board third-party analytics applications in the same way Apps are used on smartphones.

With specialist edge based analytics offered as a retrofit option or as an out-of-box solution which ensures seamless integration and easy installation, Wisenet cameras are able to elevate video surveillance from being just a security system, to a smart solution which delivers so much more than just monitoring and detection.

Increased ROI through Multi-Tasking

Having the ability to utilise on-board application software creates opportunities for cameras to be used for multi-tasking, with various departments within a business or organisation able to collect,analyse and report valuable management information via different specialist video analytics Applications.

Peace of Mind

Hanwha Vision provides peace of mind to end-users, consultants, system designers and integrators by demonstrating that the contractual relationships we have with our hand-picked technology partners is backed by the extensive evaluation and testing of the respective server, cloud and out-of-box on-board camera solutions.



Intelligent Traffic Management Solutions

Our partnership with analytics experts FF Group, has resulted in a comprehensive suite of ANPR based intelligent traffic management solutions which range from car park access control for business applications, through to large scale city wide based systems. These enable local authorities to keep people safe as well as detect illegally parked vehicles and other traffic infringements.

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Accident & Incident Detection Solutions

We have combined our expertise with analytics specialist Sprinx Technologies to develop Wisenet Automatic Incident Detection (AID), an easy to deploy and highly accurate city-wide incident detection solution which is designed to be affordable for budget conscious local authorities. An ideal solution for traffic managers who are facing the challenge of the ever increasing number of vehicles causing congestion within city centres and on highways and motorways.

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