Rail sector video surveillance solutions

jon hillJon Hill, Senior Business Development Manager for Hanwha Techwin Europe highlights how leading manufacturers such as Hanwha Techwin are responding to the unique requirements of the UK rail sector.

With passenger and staff safety of paramount importance, the rail sector has always been keen to invest in the latest generation of video surveillance cameras which incorporate innovative advances in technology.

Unfortunately, the rail sector is not able to take advantage of one such innovative feature, i.e. built-in illumination, which is able to deliver significant real-life practical and cost-saving benefits to all other vertical markets. Built-in IR illumination eliminates the need to incur the cost of installing supplementary lighting to ensure video surveillance cameras are able to capture evidence grade images of any activity, regardless of the ambient light conditions.

Simply put, the safety standards of the UK rail sector stipulate that any equipment installed at depots or train stations, and in particular within close proximity to railway tracks, must not emit visible red light. In addition to the potential disruption to rail traffic, there is also understandable concern that passengers could be injured if a train is brought to an abrupt stop due to the false interpretation of a red signal.


New cameras introduced for the rail sector

Feature-rich Wisenet cameras have proved to be extremely popular with rail operators and system integrators who specialise in providing safety and security solutions for the rail sector. However, until now there have been some models which could not be added to the list of approved models, simply because they are supplied with built-in IR illumination.

An excellent example of how Hanwha Techwin’s pre-sales, product management and manufacturing teams are able to work together to respond to specific vertical market demands, has been the recent introduction of a number of non-IR cameras. These include the following:

  • Wisenet XNO-6085 extraLUX Bullet camera equipped with 4.1~16.4mm (4x) motorised varifocal lens. This camera has a ½” sensor which has outstanding sensitivity and Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR), which enables it to capture superb quality images in low light environments.
  • Wisenet XNV-6120 12x optical zoom vandal-resistant dome camera. This has a built-in 5.2~62.4mm motorised lens which can be remotely adjusted, thus simplifying installation and retrospective adjustment. Simply put, the field of view can be ‘fine-tuned’ from the convenience of a control room or via a laptop or smart device, which enhances the safety aspects and minimizes operational disruption.


Technically advanced features

These latest non-IR 2 megapixel additions to the Wisenet X camera series are supercharged by the most powerful DSP chipset ever incorporated into a full camera range. They are also equipped with the World’s best Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology. This uses 4 frames to create a natural image with 150dB and at 30 images per second. It also incorporates some innovative technology which removes the blurring that can occur when conventional WDR is in use.

The new cameras benefit from a long list of innovative features, including an audio analysis function which recognises critical sounds such as gunshots, explosions, screams and broken glass, whilst additional features include detection for defocus, face, fog, virtual line transition, object appear/disappear, loitering and camera scene tampering.

As is the case with other cameras in the open platform Wisenet X series, the new models utilise H.265 compression and WiseStream II, a complementary compression technology which dynamically controls encoding, balancing quality and compression according to movement in the image. Bandwidth efficiency is improved by up to 99% compared to current H.264 technology, when WiseStream II is combined with H.265 compression.


Analogue cameras

Whilst Network Rail and train operating companies have an ongoing programme to update their video surveillance systems in order to take advantage of IP network based security solutions, there are numerous existing legacy analogue deployments which have not yet come to the end of their useful life. There are also some locations which do not yet have the network infrastructure or bandwidth to support an IP based video surveillance system.

With this in mind, Hanwha Techwin has introduced two new non-IR versions of existing Wisenet HD+ analogue cameras. All IR illumination has been permanently removed.

These HD+ analogue cameras, which are designed to help extend the life of legacy systems, are able to support the transmission of standard analogue and HD images without any latency or image degradation (HD Mode only) at distances up to 500m, using standard coax and without the need to incur the cost and time of installing encoders, converters or switches.


The two new HD+ cameras are:

  • HCO – 6080 1080p Bullet camera with a 2 ~ 10mm (3.1x) motorised varifocal lens.
  • HCV – 6080 1080p vandal-resistant dome camera with a 2 ~ 10mm (3.1x) motorised varifocal lens.

Both models are true day/night (ICR) cameras which are able to capture high quality images when the ambient lighting is as low as 0.11 Lux @1.6.


Want to know more about Wisenet video surveillance solutions for the rail sector? Email Jon Hill at [email protected]