People power: cybersecurity training that minimises human error

The best cybersecurity defences will fail if a member of your team is targeted successfully by hackers. Indeed, most modern-day hacks target people as much as they try to exploit systems — resulting in 80% of companies citing human factors as the main cause of increased cybersecurity risk. So, every single person in your organisation must be trained to spot cybersecurity threats.

Video surveillance is a target

It’s vital that video surveillance systems are cyber-secure, keep users’ confidential information safe, and comply with international data protection regulations and standards. As a global security solutions provider, Hanwha Techwin is dedicated to ensuring its products are secure by design. Wisenet devices, therefore, will keep your devices secure from a hardware and software standpoint, but training is still critical in reducing human error and ensuring your cybersecurity is as watertight as possible.

It’s vital to always be aware of and comply with current cybersecurity practices. That’s why Hanwha Techwin goes the extra mile in helping its partners minimise the risk of their video surveillance products and systems being hacked with dedicated training for all installers that covers specific risks and cybersecurity features in its devices and video management software.

Learn at your own pace

Hanwha Techwin Europe has an eLearning platform that gives our partners access to self-paced, interactive training courses covering aspects of cybersecurity that installers need to be aware of. Our training is tailored to video surveillance cybersecurity threats and how to mitigate them.

“Because this training is delivered remotely, you can access it no matter where in the world you are,” explains Gordon Visgandis, European Training Manager at Hanwha Techwin Europe, “We cover things you need to be aware of, including why you should buy devices that are Secure by Design (and what this means) and the role of Hanwha Techwin’s S-CERT team in responding to vulnerabilities and threats.”

Cybersecurity fundamentals

The Wisenet Professional Certification also covers cybersecurity, so installers get fundamental knowledge of the latest risks and protections while learning about technical camera information. Training also covers how to make the most of any new technical features designed to combat cyber threats.

Hanwha Techwin’s cybersecurity training can be adapted to different regions or bespoke packages can be discussed if needed.

Remaining updated

Gordon Visgandis, adds, “It’s vital to always be kept up to date with current cybersecurity best practices and the innovations in the sector that prevent hackers from exploiting your cameras and wider systems. For even the most seasoned installer, there is always something extra to learn. This is why Hanwha Techwin has dedicated training to ensure its partners are as prepared as possible for when a hacker inevitably targets their end-users’ systems.”

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