Pardubice City

Pardubice CityWisenet cameras from Hanwha Techwin are being installed throughout the City of Pardubice to assist police in keeping traffic moving and to detect and track stolen vehicles.

Pardubice is the 10th largest city in the Czech Republic with a population of approximately 90,000 and lies on the river Elb, 96 kilometres east of Prague.


Intelligent Traffic Management

The images captured by the majority of the Wisenet cameras so far installed are linked to an Intelligent Traffic Management solution developed by FF Group, a Hanwha Techwin technology partner. The ANPR server based solution enables the simultaneous monitoring of vehicle traffic by up to 32 cameras. Effective with all European number plate formats, it is able to achieve more than 95% number plate recognition accuracy whatever the environmental conditions, even when vehicles are moving at speeds of up to 150 km/h. The ANPR metadata and associated images captured by the Wisenet cameras are sent to the Ministry of Interior (MVČR) where they are checked against a database of stolen cars.



Phase 1 of the project has seen 135 Wisenet cameras installed at all main routes into the City, as well as at major intersections, roundabouts and squares. A second phase will see in the region of 200 additional cameras deployed in order to monitor activity at bus and train stations, leisure facilities and government buildings.

The cameras have been installed by Telmo, a Prague based systems integrator which, since it was established in 1992, has specialised in fulfilling large turnkey projects. “We have previously successfully worked with the Hanwha Techwin Europe sales and technical team on other projects in the Czech Republic and I was therefore able to confidently recommend that we should single source all the cameras for this project from them,” said Otomar Exner, Key Account Manager at Telmo.

“After carrying out extensive testing, we were also very happy to recommend that FF Group should provide the ANPR solution. In fact, with the two companies working in partnership with us, we have been able to deliver a solution which meets the client’s immediate vehicle identification and tracking needs, but it also allows anonymous utilisation data to be collected in respect of the habits of everyday drivers who travel into specific areas of this city. This data can be analysed to assist long term traffic management planning.”


Wisenet Cameras

95 of the 135 cameras installed are Wisenet SNP-6320HP 2 megapixel 32x PTZ network dome cameras.

In addition to being a true Day/Night camera which is able to capture high quality images in low light, the SNP-6320H’s powerful 32 x zoom capability enables operators to observe the close-up detail of any activity. It is also equipped with intelligent auto-tracking capability to ensure a greater level of detail can be captured when no operator is present.


Wisenet Cameras Installed

  • 95 x Wisenet SNP-6320HP 2MP 32x PTZ network dome cameras
  • 14 x Wisenet XNO-6120R/FNP 2MP IR Bullet cameras with ANPR on-board
  • 9 x Wisenet XNO-6010R 2MP IR Bullet cameras
  • 2 x Wisenet XNB-6001 + SLA-T2480V 2MP Remote Head camera and lens modules
  • 4 x Wisenet QND-6070V 2MPHD Network IR Dome Camera
  • 4 x Wisenet QNO-7080RP 4MP IR Bullet cameras
  • 2 x Wisenet XND-6080 2MP network dome cameras
  • 1 x Wisenet XNO-8080R 5MP IR Bullet cameras
  • 3 x Wisenet QNV-7080R 4MP vandal-resistant IR dome cameras
  • 3 x Wisenet QNV-6070R 2 MP vandal-resistant dome cameras