Hanwha Vision and analytic specialists A.I Tech have jointly engineered two retail store optimisation solutions to enable retail chains, as well as small outlets such as convenience stores, newsagents and petrol stations, to gain a greater understanding of the type and numbers of people who visit their stores.

Accurate and Reliable

Both of the cost-effective cameras solutions, which are supplied ready to work out-of-box, are equipped with A.I. Tech video analytics to provide retailers with valuable business intelligence.

The advanced intelligence and artificial vision algorithms incorporated into A.I. Tech’s powerful analytics engine have been developed as a result of 25 years experience of designing innovative and intelligent video analysis solutions.



The AI-Retail-DASH solution takes advantage of the superb quality images captured by the 2 megapixel network XND-6010/RET dome camera. It also harnesses the massive processing power of the chipset at the heart of X series cameras to enable A.I. Tech’s edge-based video analytics to run onboard the XND-6010/RET dome camera.


AI-Dash offers easy-to-read reports on the data analysed by the AI-People, AI Crowd and AI-Overcrowd modules and can be stored via an SD card onboard the XND-6010/RET dome camera. It does so via an intuitive dashboard which can be remotely accessed from a web browser. When multiple cameras are deployed, there is the option to run the dashboard on a server.


Using facial detection technology, the AI-BIO-DASH module is ready to be used out-of-box with the TNB-6030/BIO and can be linked to personalised digital signage targeted at the person whose image has been captured by camera, e.g. a young boy or an adult woman.

As well as helping to deter and detect shoplifters, the TNB-6030/BIO PublicView Monitor Camera is equipped with AI-BIO-DASH, which produces an analysis of the age and gender of store visitors.

The TNB-6030/BIO is intended to be located at store entrances, shopping aisles and check-outs so that they deter any criminal activity.


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