Serverless VMS
on the Edge



Cloud-managed edge-based recording on built-in 1TB or 2TB SSD


Can record up to five additional cameras and be merged with other SolidEDGE sites


No complicated setup and no server maintenance


WAVE VMS 5.1 is compatible with Hanwha Vision camera AI metadata


Comes with embedded TPM 2.0, meets JTAG standards


Stands up to the elements, with many available mounting options

The future of surveillance camera systems

SolidEDGE is a true serverless cloud-managed surveillance solution with a built-in rugged SSD drive.
It records footage in-camera, comes with WAVE VMS pre-installed as well as one WAVE pro licence. In addition, it can integrate
with five additional on-site cameras.

The SolidEDGE system


Available Products

Serverless edge recording

SolidEDGE AI cameras feature a quad-core CPU, a dedicated encoder with 4GB of RAM and an embedded Linux operating system
– for powerful serverless edge-based recording. SolidEDGE models are available with 1TB or 2TB onboard rugged SSD storage.


Cloud managed

Use the WAVE desktop and mobile client app to configure your camera system and monitor surveillance footage from anywhere in the world.


Flexible structure

Each SolidEdge camera can record up to five additional non-AI cameras, or four additional AI cameras.


Up to 30 servers can be merged with SolidEDGE through WAVE Sync, making it the ideal serverless solution for businesses with multiple properties.


* Each SolidEdge camera includes one Wisenet WAVE licence. Additional recording licences can be purchased separately.

Easy setup

Serverless edge recording

The SolidEDGE system is a low-maintenance security video solution that is easy to set up, compact and powerful.


Edge-based recording of video on built-in 1TB or 2TB SSD drive


Easy monitoring from anywhere


Eliminates the need for IT rack space, DVR/NVR, or ventilation


Avoid expensive servers
SolidEDGE eliminates the need for expensive servers or IT rack space, making it the ideal choice for retail and small business applications.

WAVE VMS 5.1 is compatible with Hanwha Vision camera AI metadata


AI-based object detection for efficiency

Hanwha Vision's deep-learning algorithms can accurately identify multiple distinct objects including people and vehicles. AI analytics can be a reliable second pair of eyes to operators helping them know where to look for important real-time events, while reducing false alarms and making post-event forensic searches highly efficient.


Object attribute extraction

People and vehicles detected by Hanwha Vision’s AI algorithm are classified accordingly with a listing of detected attributes captured as searchable metadata.

Next-level cybersecurity

SolidEDGE cameras come packed with cybersecurity features with enhanced data protection, secure hardware and security.


NDAA-compliant devices

All Hanwha Vision security cameras, components and systems are NDAA compliant and designed and manufactured in-house.

Read more on our approach to cybersecurity.

Reinforced durability

Built to withstand the elements indoors and out, SolidEDGE cameras are scratch-resistant, vent away condensation, and are protected from voltage surges.


Metal shielded RJ-45
The terminal and enhanced grounding frame structures can protect the camera from transient voltage (lightning, static electricity).


Hard-coated dome bubble
Reduce the risk of scratches from the elements and minimise possible degradation of resolution.


Humidity control
Built-in air vent to prevent condensation and maintain performance for long-term use and storage.

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