Introducing Smart Security Manager (Wisenet SSM) Enterprise

Wisenet SSM Enterprise is a one-stop, total video management software platform that maximises the efficiency of Wisenet IP network cameras, recording devices and servers, whilst facilitating integration with third party systems such as intruder alarms and Access Control. Its modular architecture empowers operators to configure, manage and monitor large numbers of cameras and equipped with a powerful search engine, it offers a wide range of options to assist operators to quickly and easily retrieve evidential data.

A Video Summary feature condenses hours of recorded video into a series of shortened clips, with events overlaid and time-stamped. Selecting any of these events replays the relevant video clip in its entirety. Searches can be further refined by using criteria such as colour, object size and direction of movement.

Failover redundancy controls and automatic network-fail recovery ensure that Wisenet SSM Enterprise operates reliably at all times.

Retail –  Identify best practice and enhance the customer experience

  • Compare people counting with number of POS sales
  • Measure store conversion rates
  • Identify best store performance and replicate conversion success across retail chain

Wisenet SSM combines data from EPOS with People Counting analytics captured on-board WiseNet Open Platform cameras to indicate the whether a store is performing better or worse than others in a chain.

As well as comparing the conversion ratio of customer visits to sales, the data captured by the People Counting Application can assist marketing personnel evaluate the success of in-store promotions and identify busy areas of a store, by hour or day of the week.

Banking – Exceed industry standards

  • Large scale event monitoring in over 1,000 sites for central HQ
  • Face recognition security for staff offices
  • Industry recognised double encryption video surveillance
  • Access control integration

Wisenet SSM Enterprise supports SQL, LDAP and SSL encryption to meet all industry sector requirements.

It also enables operators in a central control room to simultaneously monitor live and recorded images captured by large numbers of cameras located at multiple back branches or offices.

Wisenet SSM Enterprise supports integrated face recognition Applications to instantly recognise a database of employees and participating partners with security access clearance. With the ability to record up to 1000 events per second, it can help combat ATM skimming and fraud. It is also able to interact with Access Control platforms available from Honeywell and Johnson Controls to monitor, control and visually verify who has gained access into restricted areas.

Transport – Monitor, track and organise

  • GPS tracking via Google Maps
  • Download video clips from a moving vehicle or train and automatically collate them back together in sequence (without having to wait for the vehicle to reach its destination)
  • Easy search by colour, object, direction and areas of focus with Video Summary
  • “Help point” integration with Wisenet SSM triggering video surveillance

GPS tracking via Google Maps is just one of a long list of features which equip Wisenet SSM Enterprise to provide a total solution for monitoring the movement of buses and trains. Working in harmony with robust Wisenet high definition cameras and recording devices, Wisenet SSM Enterprise offers the opportunity to seamlessly ‘data dump’ video recorded on moving trains and buses as they arrive at Wi-Fi points.

Video evidence of any incident can be rapidly retrieved via Video Summary, Wisenet SSM’s advanced search facility, which can be refined by defining direction of movement and object colour.

Wisenet SSM’s integration with Help Points can provide passengers in transport situations with peace of mind in knowing that whilst they are seeking help, operators are able to keep a close eye on them via Wisenet cameras.


City Surveillance – Take Back Control

  • Manage unlimited displays with a virtual matrix
  • Large scale 128 channel recording server
  • Integrate with access, fire & intrusion
  • Screen capture: Remotely monitor how control rooms handle incidents in real time.
  • Conduct remote training of control room staff

Regardless of the number of cameras deployed, Wisenet SSM’s scalability and long list of innovative, practical features makes life easy for control room operators in their endeavours to keep traffic on the move and city centres safe. Wisenet SSM Virtual Matrix allows operators to set up displays which best suit their own needs, whilst maintaining complete control of all monitors to display live and recorded images from a large numbers of cameras deployed over a wide area. Screen capture allows operators remotely to manage hub control rooms training and incident handling in real time.

Wisenet SSM interacts with intruder and fire detection systems, as well as a wide range of third party technologies such as ANPR, to offer a fully integrated security system.