Wisenet cameras recognised by global security awards

Attached. Wisenet X Plus and Multi-sensor cameras recognized by global security awards in both government and commerical sectorsThe recently launched Wisenet X Plus dome camera series has won two categories of the prestigious Govies Government Security Awards (The Govies).

The Wisenet X Plus dome cameras were awarded Platinum in the HD video surveillance camera category by Security Today Magazine and were was also named a winner in the ‘Money-Saving Products’ category by Buildings Media.

The Govies’ is hosted by industry-leading security products magazine, Security Today, whose readers include those involved in the government security sector. The awards honour outstanding security based on criteria which includes quality, level of innovation and user friendliness. Buildings Media is targeted at more than 74,000 commercial building owners and facility managers in North America and provides information for the smarter management, operation and renovation of facilities. The ‘Money-Saving Products’ awards are evaluated by Buildings Media’s editorial staff who consider a product’s money-saving qualities such as energy efficiency, water savings and maintenance.

Wisenet X Plus dome cameras

The new IP network Wisenet X Plus dome cameras from Hanwha Techwin, have been designed to significantly reduce the time normally needed for installation, set-up and maintenance adjustments.

With a four-part magnetic modular design which simplifies the installation process, Wisenet X Plus dome cameras are equipped with a number of other practical features which help minimise the time installers have to spend on site. These include:

  • Magnets which lock sensor modules into the dome housing
  • Prefigured IP network settings without the need to remove the camera module from the box
  • The network cable can be inserted through the waterproof gland with the aid of an RJ45 plastic push-through device, negating the need to re-make a cable end
  • A motorised PTRZ gimbal which enables installers to remotely pan, tilt, rotate and zoom the lens position, in order to set the camera’s field of view.

These features make the Wisenet X Plus dome cameras among the fastest to install and maintain. In addition, the dome cameras have an extended tilt range of up to 85 degrees to ensure wide area coverage and particularly so, when they are installed in locations which have low ceiling heights.

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Security Industry Association Award for Wisenet PNM-9320VQP

The Wisenet ultra high definition PNM-9320VQP which, with 4 sensors and a separate integral PTZ camera, is designed to provide a highly cost-effective solution for detecting and tracking objects over wide open areas, has won the Video Surveillance Cameras HD category of the New Product Showcase Awards run, by the Security Industry Association (SIA).

As the flagship awards program of the ISC West exhibition, the New Product Showcase Awards are intended to recognise innovative security products, services and solutions.

Wisenet PNM-9320VQP

The option of exchangeable 2 and 5 megapixel lens modules enables the camera sensors built into the H.265 Wisenet PNM-9320VQP to work together to seamlessly capture 360 degree images of up to 20 megapixel resolution. In addition, the PNM-9320VQP’s 2 megapixel 32x PTZ camera element is automatically triggered to zoom in and track a moving object or move to a user configured pre-set position, when the motion detection function of the multi-directional camera detects activity.

By placing a PTZ camera at the centre of the Wisenet PNM-9320VQP, Hanwha Techwin is able to provide a highly affordable and efficient solution for city and wide area surveillance applications such as car parks, shopping centres and warehouses. As well as installation and maintenance costs being significantly lower, end-users are able to avoid incurring the higher capital costs of using 5 separate cameras to cover an area and achieve the same level of functionality.

Learn more about the Wisenet PNM-9320VQP.

“Hanwha Techwin is proud to be recognised across the globe for its superior technology through the newly released Wisenet X Plus series and the Wisenet PNM-9320VQP multi-sensor camera,” said a spokesperson for Hanwha Techwin. “Hanwha Techwin will stay committed to further expanding its R&D investment to develop pioneering video security solutions which reflect user needs.”