Optimised Energy Solutions

Hanwha Vision meets the unique needs of energy-based industries with purpose built IP camera solutions suitable for hazardous and non-permissive environments. This is achieved through a combination of proprietary technologies, including advanced licence-free onboard video and audio analytics.

Explosion-proof cameras for hazardous environments

Ideal for tough environments 

T series explosion-proof cameras can be used in heavy industrial facilities such as gas pipelines, petrochemical
plants or oil refineries where environments with potentially explosive flammable gases and dust are a risk.


Highly flexible and functional

Explosion-proof PTZ cameras feature 360° endless pan and 180° tilt with movement preset to 1~80°/sec. With up to 300 preset positions, users have additional flexibility and functionality.

Capture details with 32x optical zoom

With 32x optical zoom, the TNU-6322E model can see further and capture every moment without losing detail.

  • 2MP@60fps
  • Sealed 316L stainless steel metal construction
  • IP66/67 ingress protection rating
  • Onboard advanced video analytics

Stainless steel 316L enclosure to prevent explosions

The ATEX-certified enclosure made of stainless steel 316L housing has the ability to contain any internal explosions or prevent sparks from escaping the device which may lead to a disaster.

Radiometric thermal AI cameras

Intelligent, compact, robust

Radiometric Thermal AI Cameras meet the needs of customers requiring precise temperature measurements, from -40°C to 550°C. They are lightweight, at just 1.7kg, and compact at only 233.5mm in length. Ideal for industrial applications, the cameras accurately identify objects in all weather conditions and can monitor facility temperatures for signs of danger with the temperature change detection analytics.

Energy_Radiometric AI Thermal Camera banners_1920 x 851

Temperature change detection analytics

Enhance personnel safety, process control and asset risk mitigation. Give warning of potential hazards in industrial settings with custom temperature monitoring zones.


Multiple colour palettes

Colour palettes are interchangeable to give a contrasting image that reveals more information which would not be evident in one mode.

AI radiometric thermal cameras

Low light perimeter security solutions

Keeping facilities secure

Hanwha Vision’s eXtraLUX and high output uniform IR equipped camera solutions capture clear crisp images in
extremely low lighting conditions. Meanwhile Hanwha Vision Bi-Spectrum AI Cameras provide visual and thermal views
of an area simultaneously. The thermal lens enables perimeter detection of suspicious activity in low light, poor
weather conditions, or when visual barriers block the area. The visual lens provides identification detail, thereby
determining if the suspicious activity is, for example, an intruder.


Accurate AI object detection

The Bi-Spectrum AI cameras feature highly accurate deep-learning-based object detection and classification. AI-based object detection reduces the occurrence of false alarms, providing operators with a reliable source of events, while accurate object classification improves operational efficiency by making forensic search highly efficient. The cameras can detect human faces, for perimeter protection, while ignoring irrelevant motion such as wind-blown trees, shadows, stray objects, or animals moving within the field of view. See the range.

Advanced video and audio analytics

Increasing situational awareness

Hanwha Vision’s licence-free intelligent video and audio analytics technology operates on the edge, alerting
operators to abnormal activities in real time. This increase in situational awareness can help to prevent or minimise
damage or harm during an event by prompting a rapid and efficient response.


Face detection:
Identifies key facial features and issues alerts when a face is present.


Virtual line crossing detection:
Triggers an alarm when objects are detected crossing a pre-defined virtual line or perimeter.


Loitering detection:
Triggers an event when an object enters and rests in a designated virtual zone.


Intrusion detection:
Triggers an event when movement is detected in a designated virtual zone.


Enter/exit detection:
Detection of objects entering or exiting a designated area.


Appear/disappear detection:
Detects the appearance or disappearance of an item in a designated virtual zone.


Our audio analytics detect and identify the sound of explosions, gunshots, screams, and breaking glass.

WAVE VMS: Simple. Scalable. Powerful.

A flexible system

Hanwha Vision's lightweight, scalable, and feature rich video management is capable of supporting up to 128 IP
video streams per server. It is integrated with Hanwha Vision’s NVR and IP camera video and audio analytics.

  • Easy setup – complete system install and configuration in minutes
  • Flexibility – drag and drop interface with resizable viewing panes for intuitive navigation
  • Compatibility – full integration with SUNAPI Wisenet device features and advanced analytics and other popular third-party security solutions
  • Reliability – robust server hive architecture ensures continuous system uptime
  • Portability – accessible from anywhere via WAVE Sync with mobile client applications
  • Accessibility – add an unlimited number of users to a single system, each with custom
    or preset roles

Optimised Energy Solutions

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