Optimised Education Solutions

Hanwha Vision meets the unique security challenges facing educational institutions through the use of high-value, efficient, and cutting-edge technologies.

Cost-effective and flexible solutions

Ideal for educational premises

We offer affordable products that provide essential features in creating a safe and secure environment.
The Q series, for example, delivers sharp and clear image quality up to 4K, making it ideal for securing small
and medium-sized applications such as educational institutions.



Q Mini Super-compact Cameras

Super-compact design fits in many environments.
The Q mini is 99mm for a super-compact size.
Thanks to this feature, the cameras perfectly blend into all settings while facilitating an effortless installation anywhere.


AI Mini Multi-directional Camera

The 4-Channel AI Mini Multi-directional camera, PNM-C16013RVQ, is an intelligent and compact offering. It provides 360° coverage of scenes to operators, with AI analytics including virtual line and area detection, to provide a cost-effective and discreet solution for educational environments.

AI cameras


AI Cameras

Hanwha Vision high-resolution cameras have been equipped with AI-based analytics with attribute extraction that can accurately identify both people and vehicles. Being able to differentiate and identify objects leads to faster and more efficient forensic searches, reduced false alarms, as well as a reduction in bandwidth and storage through metadata tagging.


AI Camera Best Shot Feature

All extracted attributes are presented in real time via Hanwha Vision’s BestShot feature, which displays a still image of a detected object for easy identification along with any attributes detected.


Attribute Category:
Gender: Female, Male
Upper garment:  (Up to two colours simultaneously)
Lower garment: Black, Grey, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple
Bag:  Carries a bag, does not carry a bag


Attribute Category:
Type: Car (sedan/SUV/van/etc.), bus, truck, motorcycle, bike
Colour: (Up to two colours simultaneously) Black, Grey, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple


Attribute Category:
Gender: Female, Male
Age:  Young/Adult/Middle/Senior
Glasses: Wearing glasses, not wearing glasses
Face mask: Wearing mask, not wearing mask


Attribute Category:
Number plate: Presence of a number plate

AI PTZ Plus cameras


The AI PTZ Plus cameras capture evidence grade images in large open areas and this is enhanced by technically advanced features:

  • AI-based object tracking, select the object you want e.g. a car or person
  • Exceptional image quality for clearer and more detailed video
  • Enhanced cybersecurity for extra peace of mind
  • Monitoring in complete darkness up to 200 metres with adaptive IR
  • High-resolution, high-magnification zoom (4K 30x). Up to 55x zoom available in PTZ Dome models
  • All weather conditions - built-in wipers remove rain, sleet or snow and heater on the lens dries any residual water
  • 65% lighter than conventional PTZs for easier installation and increased speed of the Pan/Tilt functionality
  • Single RJ45 cable for quick and easy installation

Intelligent video and audio analytics

Customisable analytics

Our licence-free video and audio analytics suite reduces the frequency of false alarms while increasing safety and the efficiency of forensic review.


IP Audio System


  • Link with video surveillance for an integrated solution that takes advantage of video analytics
  • Broadcast real-time or scheduled text to speech or audio file messages, or directly use a microphone control keyboard
  • Manage people flow across premises
  • View the full range here

Face detection:
Identifies key facial features and issues alerts when a face is present.


Virtual line crossing detection:
Triggers an alarm when objects are detected crossing a pre-defined virtual line or perimeter.


Loitering detection:
Triggers an event when an object enters and rests in a designated virtual zone.


Intrusion detection:
Triggers an event when movement is detected in a designated virtual zone.


Enter/exit detection:
Detection of objects entering or exiting a designated area.


Appear/disappear detection:
Detects the appearance or disappearance of an item in a designated virtual zone.




Our intelligent audio analytics detect and identify the sound of explosions, gunshots, screams, and breaking glass.

WAVE VMS: Simple. Scalable. Powerful.

A flexible system

Hanwha Vision's lightweight, scalable, and feature rich video management is capable of supporting up to 128 IP
video streams per server. It is integrated with Hanwha Vision’s NVR and IP camera video and audio analytics.

  • Easy setup – complete system install and configuration in minutes
  • Flexibility – drag and drop interface with resizable viewing panes for intuitive navigation
  • Compatibility – full integration with SUNAPI Wisenet device features and advanced analytics and other popular third-party security solutions
  • Reliability – robust server hive architecture ensures continuous system uptime
  • Portability – accessible from anywhere via WAVE Sync with mobile client applications
  • Accessibility – add an unlimited number of users to a single system, each with custom or preset roles

Optimised Education Solutions

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