Optimised Custodial Environments


Hanwha Vision meets the unique challenges facing correctional facilities with customised and secure
surveillance solutions. These solutions include innovative and reliable camera devices in a multitude of form
factors, licence-free intelligent video and audio analytics, and an easy-to-use video management system.

AI cameras for perimeter protection


Accurate detection and classification

Hanwha Vision high-resolution cameras have been equipped with AI-based analytics with attribute extraction that can accurately identify both people and vehicles. Being able to differentiate and identify objects leads to faster and more efficient forensic searches, reduced false alarms, as well as a reduction in bandwidth and storage through metadata tagging.

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Bi-spectrum AI Thermal Cameras

The thermal lens enables perimeter detection of suspicious activity even in low light, poor weather conditions, or when visual barriers block the area.

The visual lens provides identification detail, thereby determining if the suspicious activity is, for example, an intruder.

This enables detection and rapid identification without having to install two separate devices – saving time, equipment and ongoing maintenance costs.


Anti-ligature cameras - safer by design

Specially designed

The corner mount cameras were specifically designed for use in correctional facilities, mental health
institutions, holding cells and other applications that require a secure and hardened camera installation.

Now with AI, the TNV-C7013RC model, reduces false alarms and enables efficient forensic search for correctional teams.


  • Max. 5MP resolution
  • Anti-ligature design deters individuals from reaching or attaching to the camera
  • Tamper-resistant hardware securely mounts the camera to prevent removal
  • AI-based analytics accurate object detection and classification (TNV-C7013RC)
  • Two-way audio support allows remote interaction or recording of important audio evidence
  • Licence-free intelligent video analytics including shock detection
  • Stainless steel body kit available
  • Ideal for elevators and other confined spaces
  • Designed to be mounted directly to a corner

Evidence-grade imagery with AI PTZ Plus cameras


Capturing every detail

The ability of the AI PTZ PLUS cameras to capture evidence-grade images in large open areas is enhanced by a long list of technically advanced features:

  • AI based object tracking, select the object you want
    e.g. a car or person
  • Exceptional image quality for clearer and more detailed video
  • Enhanced cybersecurity for extra peace of mind
  • Monitoring in complete darkness up to 200 metres with adaptive IR
  • High-resolution, high-magnification zoom (4K 30x). Up to 55x zoom available in range of PTZ Dome models
  • All weather conditions - built-in wipers remove rain, sleet or snow and heater on the lens dries any residual water
  • 65% lighter than conventional PTZ’s for easier installation and increased speed of the Pan/Tilt functionality
  • Single RJ45 cable for quick and easy installation

Wisenet 7 powered cameras

Advanced chipset, trusted cybersecurity


The Wisenet 7 SoC is our latest and most advanced chipset to date, featuring recording resolutions of up to
4k, licence-free video and audio analytics, eXtreme WDR with scene analysis, and best-in-class cybersecurity
measures. These capabilities are available in a variety of form factors that meet the challenges of even the
toughest environments.


Vivid 4K resolution

Hanwha Vision’s F1.2 varifocal lens is implemented into the Wisenet 7 4K camera lineup, allowing the most light into the camera’s sensor and producing clear and vivid images.

extreme WDR with scene analysis 

Improved multi-frame WDR technology lets you take full advantage of image contrast to see detailed objects clearly even in environments with strong backlight conditions.

Trusted cybersecurity

Hanwha Vision is committed to designing and manufacturing solutions which are cyber-secure, keep users’ confidential information safe, and comply with international data protection regulations.

WAVE VMS: Simple. Scalable. Powerful.

A flexible solution

Hanwha Vision's lightweight, scalable, and feature rich video management is capable of supporting up to 128 IP
video streams per server. It is integrated with Hanwha Vision’s NVR and IP camera video and audio analytics.



  • Easy setup – complete system install and configuration in minutes
  • Flexibility – drag and drop interface with resizable viewing panes for intuitive navigation
  • Compatibility – full integration with SUNAPI Wisenet device features and advanced analytics
    and other popular third-party security solutions
  • Reliability – robust server hive architecture ensures continuous system uptime
  • Portability – accessible from anywhere via WAVE Sync with mobile client applications
  • Accessibility – add an unlimited number of users to a single system, each with custom or pre-set roles

WAVE VMS server and client software

Client Workstations

  • Client Qube compact and quiet Client PC
  • Powerful Gen12 i5 or i7 processors
  • 2x monitor out with optional 4x monitor out GPU

WAVE Servers

  • Powerful and flexible rack mount WAVE servers
  • Dual redundant PSUs and OS SSD
  • 5yr warranty
  • Pre configured in RAID5/6

Easy PLC/HMI Integration

Through the use of WAVE VMS’s licence-free SDK and API, users can easily integrate custom communications with many popular third-party automation devices and software suites.

  • No additional licences or fees required for custom integrations
  • UART Bridge
    - Simple serial ASCII communications
    - No complicated VMS rules to set up

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