Hanwha Vision unveils BFP Service’s photovoltaic perimeter thermal protection system

The challenge

BFP Service is an important EPC that is investing significant resources in the construction of photovoltaic fields in Italy, following the growing demand for renewable energy.

A photovoltaic field is a site with a complex orography that is mostly irregular and may therefore have vulnerable points along its perimeter which malign actors could seek to exploit.

Solar panels within photovoltaic fields contain expensive materials, with theft attempts commonplace.

Brintek’s challenge was to design a surveillance system that was operational 24 hours a day and that reduced manual surveillance on the site.

The solution

Brintek, with the help of the technical and commercial staff of Hanwha Vision and the local support of distributor Compass Distribution, designed a perimeter protection system using both thermal and visible cameras.

The technology, with advanced edge analysis, enables real-time alarms in the event of an intrusion.

The thermal cameras, given their ability to operate in all light conditions and in most weather conditions, including fog and rain, were placed on the fence around the site.

Additionally, 5MP cameras with on-board AI algorithms capable of identifying people from other irrelevant motion, such as animals or moving trees, were installed at juncture points.

The word to the integrator

“We have been working in the world of physical security for many years, and combine the skills of a systems integrator with the centralisation of sites we protect in our control room in Brindisi.

“The project for BFP Service provided results in just a few days of testing – promptly and immediately identifying two intrusion attempts. The site was targeted by malign actors who cut through the metal mesh fence.

“The Hanwha perimeter protection system with thermal cameras immediately identified the intrusion, sending the event to our alarm reception centre.

“The correct alerts were activated at the power station for an intervention by on-site security personnel who warned away the intruders, saving the site and keeping the photovoltaic system online and free of interruptions.

“This system is just one of many that Brintek has designed and created with Hanwha cameras in thermal and visible technology.” (Alessandro Annigo, General Manager Brintek)

The word to the end user

“We chose Brintek for its strong position as a systems integrator. We were offered a 360° service that began with the protection project and ended with the centralisation and remote monitoring of the site. Brintek proved to be a competent and professional company, and the choice of Hanwha Vision cameras and technology was the right one for our needs.

“As a builder and O&M operator of several similar sites, our company will use this operating model as a standard for the protection of all other sites we build in the area. The operational continuity of the power plants of which we are O&M operators represents an intrinsic value in the ability to produce energy without theft or interruptions.” (BFP Service CEO Annarita Mitola).

 The products installed:

TNO-3030T, TNO-3040T, TNO-3050T, XNO-C8083R