Hanwha Vision launches AI powered high-speed camera with Vehicle Type, Make, Model & Colour Recognition

Hanwha Vision, the global vision solution provider, has launched the TNO-7180RLP high-speed ANPR camera with 3MP Global Shutter technology to detect number plates on vehicles moving at up to 200km/h (125 mph) across 2 lanes of traffic. The camera features Hanwha’s newly launched ROAD AI solution which uses AI video analytics to identify the type, make, model, and colour of detected vehicles, across 70 different automotive brands, 600 models, and 10 colours. It comes with global shutter, to give greater accuracy and clarity of captured number plate images and a high frame rate of up to 60fps. Footage can be accessed through Wisenet WAVE, Wisenet SSM and other industry-leading video management software including Milestone and Genetec.

Hanwha Vision launches AI powered high-speed camera

With eyewitness accounts quite often being inaccurate or incomplete, and particularly so with regards to vehicle licence number plates, the ability to search for vehicles by make, model and colour is likely to be of great help to investigating teams when looking to find footage of a vehicle involved in an incident. Similarly, with criminals frequently swapping the licence number plates on vehicles in order to avoid ANPR identifying them as stolen, police can use the make, model and colour search criteria to cross-reference against reports of stolen vehicles.

The camera can also identify number plates and vehicle make/models from different regions including Europe and the UK, Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Middle East, South Africa, and Russia.

With the TNO-7180RLP, operators gain greater insights into road usage, with planners being able to take any trends into account when the widening of roads or the creation of new bus and cycle lanes are being considered. In this respect, the pre-installed Road AI solution’s dashboard provides an overview of key statistics such as the number and type of vehicles, e.g. cars, buses and trucks, identified per day or week in pie chart and other display formats.  Through Hanwha Vision’s Wisenet WAVE, operators can also search for partial number plates captured by the camera.

To get the best view of number plates, the TNO-7180RLP camera web viewer can provide suggestions to operators on camera set-up including the optimum vertical, roll, and horizontal angle. It also comes with adaptive IR with three separate IR illuminators (short/wide, medium/mid and long/tele). It illuminates up to 50M with a motorised varifocal lens and up to 18x optical zoom.

Alongside highway and road monitoring, the camera can also be used to control vehicle access and parking restrictions, thanks to its whitelist and blacklist feature. This can automatically approve pre-authorised vehicles to enter a space and, when used in conjunction with a third-party solution, can direct those vehicles to VIP parking, for example, or it can also be used to flag unauthorised vehicles for operators to follow up.

An onboard LPR Setup Tool helps installers correctly position and angle the camera for number plate capture.  By entering the camera height and distance from the centre of the road it is easy to obtain the correct vertical, horizontal and roll angles to use.  In addition, a Road AI Setup Wizard tool – part of the Road AI application – gives insight into the optimum plate capture area.

The TNO-7180RLP is IP66/IP6K9K, IK10+ and NEMA 4X rated, resisting water, dust and vandal-proof. The camera can be used with PoE++ and an HPoE option is available.  A 12VDC power supply is another option for greater resilience against unexpected power fluctuations and flexibility in installation.

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