Hanwha Techwin partner with Foxstream

admin-ajaxFoxstream, the fast growing software company specialising in real-time VCA (Video Content Analysis) is pleased to announce its partnership with Hanwha Techwin.

Foxstream’s people counting application can now be run on board Hanwha Techwin’s Open Platform WiseNetIII cameras and end users can therefore benefit from a high performance counting application which works fully with Wisenet’s latest professional camera functions.

Focus on FoxCounter embedded in WiseNetIII cameras:

FoxCounter is Foxstream’s first solution to benefit from this strategic alliance. Based on the FoxVigi counting solution module on server, the embedded version, FoxCounter, answers various needs, from statistics to security issues. Mostly used in places welcoming people, FoxCounter is able to help:

  • Identify attendance peaks
  • Establish reference bases (day/week/month), in order to measure evolutions
  • Inform the operator in real time on the site’s occupation rate, according to the maximum accommodation capacity.

The dedicated web interface fits perfectly with the WiseNetIII cameras’ configuration screen, and allows in particular, listing of all the data reported by each camera on the same network. From a simple web browser and by connecting to a single camera, the operator can easily access all the statistics, and know at all times the number of people in a building, even if it has multiple entrances and exits. HanwhaTechwin’s Open Platform WiseNetIII DSP chipset is at the heart of the company’s latest generation of 1.3, 2 and 3 megapixel high definition video surveillance cameras. The processing power of the WiseNetIII DSP chipset enables it to run multiple edge based Applications such as FoxCounter, as well as video analytics, facial recognition and ANPR solutions, which can be downloaded in a similar way to adding Apps to a Smartphone.  It also offers users the freedom to utilise the video management software (VMS), that best matches specific project requirements.The WiseNetIII range is perfect for FoxCounter, as it supports P-Iris, which optimizes the iris function when multiple lighting conditions exist in a single scene. This results in images with better contrast, clarity, resolution and depth of field. P-Iris makes it easier for FoxCounter to recognise the flow direction. Indeed, FoxCounter performs bi-directionally in a ceiling-mounted camera, offering an easy-to-use and very accurate solution even under varying lighting conditions, such as light movements, shadows, reflections, etc.

Thanks to the WDR function built into the WiseNetIII series that provide enhanced picture quality, motion blur is reduced and clearer images are processed. FoxCounter can therefore refine the counting results, when several people cross the counting area simultaneously, and provide adequate figures.

FoxCounter is ideal for retail, airports, railway stations, museums, theme parks and any place with visitor traffic. It is also an autonomous solution: in case of network cuts, the data is stored directly inside the camera. The integration with third party systems is also simplified by the implementation of standard procedures of data recovery.