Policy Overview

This Policy outlines the return and repair policy applicable to products purchased from an Authorised Distributor of Hanwha Vision Europe Limited (“Hanwha”). Hanwha will only accept RMA requests from an Authorised Distributor or a STEP Partner of Diamond level.

Hanwha reserve the right to amend this Policy, in part or in its entirety, at any time and with or without notice.

Hanwha’s sole responsibility in accordance with this Policy is limited to repairing or replacing defective product returned through our Authorised Distributors or Diamond STEP Partners, originally purchased from Hanwha Vision Europe Limited.

General Policy Provisions

Product warranty comes into effect from the date of delivery to the Authorised Distributor. Warranty application is determined by the tracking of the product serial number and purchase order number.

Hanwha will repair or replace defective product within the warranty period specified in the below table.

Repairs to defective product performed outside of an authorised Hanwha service centre will invalidate any warranty applicable on the product.

The Warranty applicable to each product, including its parts and accessories is outlined in the Warranty Period section and Appendix 1.

Return Requirements & Instructions

Hanwha will only accept returns from Authorised Distributors and Diamond STEP Partners. If a product is defective and needs to be returned, the customer must first discuss the issue with Hanwha’s dedicated Technical Support department. Many queries on product can be quickly resolved and the need to return the item eliminated.

Hanwha’s Technical Support department can be contacted by email or telephone using the details below.


  • France: +33 1 76 28 43 66
  • Germany: +49 32 213 335936
  • Italy: +39 02 8732 5016
  • Spain: +34 91 123 50 70
  • UK: +44 1372 235663
  • All other countries: +49 32 213 335936

Distributoren, Systemintegratoren und Endbenutzer werden außerdem ermutigt, unsere Wissensdatenbank-Website zu besuchen, bevor sie Fragen an den technischen Support stellen, da viele Probleme hier schnell gelöst werden können.

Distributors, System Integrators and End Users are also encouraged to visit our Knowledge Base site prior to raising queries with Technical Support as many issues can be quickly resolved here.

The Customer should then make contact with their Authorised Hanwha distributor in order to begin the process of return. A list of Hanwha’s Authorised Distributors can be found online at:

Authorised Distributors must raise a RMA request on Hanwha’s Service Portal: https://4cust.net or by emailing hteservice@hanwha.com. The following information must be included on the request in order to ensure quick handling:

  • Model Number
  • Serial Number
  • Service Required – Repair (R) or Advanced Replacement (AR)
  • Request Reference (obtained from Technical Support)
  • Details of product fault*

*adding additional fault information after the RMA is issued can cause longer processing times and in some cases, additional charges. All information regarding the fault must be noted at the point of the RMA request.

Products should be returned without the packaged accessories (such as external power supply, remote control, cables etc.). Hanwha accepts no liability for the loss of such items during a warranty service and any replacement product is dispatched without accessories.

The RMA number issued by 4cust or through the Service Team is only valid for 30 days from the date of issue. Hanwha must receive the defective product within thirty (30) calendar days from the date the RMA was issued. Any product returned after the expiration of the RMA will not be valid for repair or replacement and a new RMA number must be generated and issued. Hanwha reserves the right to refuse any product deliveries received quoting an expired RMA number.

When returning defective product to Hanwha, the RMA number must be clearly displayed on the outside of the package. Where the RMA number has been issued by 4cust, all relevant documentation must be printed and attached to the outside of the package.

In the event that the shipment contains multiple packages, the RMA number must be clearly displayed on all packages and that each package is numbered (i.e. 1 of 4, 2 of 4 etc.). Hanwha may refuse any delivery where the RMA is not displayed.

Defective product should be returned in its original packaging where possible.

Where a replacement product is required, the exchanged product assumes the remaining warranty of the original product.

In the case where a like for like product or other suitable replacement is not available, a credit will be raised to compensate the customer.

Advanced Replacement (AR)

Hanwha also offers Advanced Replacement on certain products within a predetermined period outlined in the Warranty Period section below. Advanced Replacement entitles customers to receive an immediate replacement, reducing any potential downtime during installation, with the promise of returning the faulty product for review by the Service team following replacement.

Advanced Replacement is not available on:

  • Thermal Cameras
  • Products that have been abused or improperly handled
  • Products that are no longer under warranty

Advanced Replacement can be requested via 4CUST.

Faulty product that has been replaced must be returned to the Service centre within thirty (30) days of the date the replacement product was shipped.

In the event the product is not received by this point, or if the item returned is discovered not to be faulty, Hanwha will issue an invoice to the Authorised Distributor for 60% of the original invoice value for the product, in addition to a £/€40 handling fee (per product).

Dead on Arrival (DOA)

Where product is found to be Dead on Arrival during the notification period as outlined in the Warranty Period section of this document, such reports should be entered on 4CUST by the Authorised Distributor and include proof of delivery for the product to the System Integrator, or End User, and the product serial number.

On receipt of the notification, a Service agent will be in touch to arrange the collection/return of the defective item in due course. All Dead on Arrival product must be returned in its original packaging with all accessories.

Out of Warranty Repairs

Hanwha also offers all customers chargeable services on product outside of the standard warranty. Repair requests can be raised through an Authorised Distributor on 4CUST and the product returned to Hanwha’s Service centre for evaluation.

On receipt of the item, our Service agents will evaluate and determine whether the defective product is repairable and issue an estimate for the costs of repair, including delivery, to the Authorised Distributor for the customer to review.

It should be noted that if the product is over 5 years old, the ability to make repairs may be subject to the availability of any spare parts that may be required.

A repair can only proceed once the customer has provided written confirmation of the acceptance to the estimate. Should the customer not wish to proceed with the repairs, a £/€40 handling fee is charged to the customer through the Authorised Distributor and Hanwha will return the defective product at the customers cost or dispose of the item locally, whichever option the customer selects.

Estimates provided are an assumption of costs and are subject to change.

Should the customer fail to respond within 14 days to an estimate for repair, to confirm whether they wish to proceed or not, Hanwha will return the product to the customer and issue a flat £/€40 handling fee for its processing.

Warranty Period


** Hanwha will also accept DOA notifications from End Users through the Authorised Distributor within 1 month of receipt under the same conditions.



As previously noted , there are some parts that are excluded from the warranty periods as displayed in the table above. Such parts have different warranty periods and are classified as above.

*** Warranty on Moving/Consumable Parts may differ by usage condition, details of which can be located in the WARNING section of the Product Manual, i.e. Pan/Tilt/Zoom motors and slip rings come with a 1-year warranty when under continuous operation. Definition of Moving Parts and Consumable Parts by product type is detailed in Appendix 1.

Exemptions from Warranty

Aside from those exclusions already stated within this Policy, the following also applies:

  • Any product that has been painted over, tampered with, had labels removed or any other modifications will be void of all warranties unless particular dispensation has been officially granted by Hanwha or is in adherence with the Quality Assurance (Warranty) Policy on Customer Modification Policy attached as Appendix 2 to this Policy.
  • Any product that has been altered. Examples of alterations include, but are not limited to:
    • Counterfeit/missing labelling
    • Jumpers, wires or any other mechanical/electronic parts added to the product
    • Removal of any part or component of the original product
    • Incorrect reassembly of original product
    • Any repairs done by an unauthorised Service Centre
    • Any other change in the original state of the product
  • Any physical, or accidental, damage to a product such as:
    • Broken pins or connectors
    • Blown power board due to applying wrong voltage and/or current
    • Dented product case/housing
    • Torn/punctured lens cover
    • Deep scratches/gauges to product
    • Missing parts


Improper Packaging

Returned products shipped to Hanwha’s Service Centre must be properly packaged in order to prevent unintended damage during transportation. Any damages caused to the returned product as a result of improper packaging may be charged back to the Customer.

Other Terms & Conditions

Hanwha behält sich das Recht vor, zurückgesendete Produkte zu untersuchen und zu testen, um die tatsächliche Ursache des Schadens und/oder Mangels festzustellen.

If the malfunction of a part is determined to be due to Customer fault including, but not limited to, an attempted repair, unauthorised repair, accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, improper maintenance, installation and connection, malfunction of a peripheral device(s), rust or deterioration caused by improper storage, an invoice for extra service fees for repair charges, shipping costs and other applicable expenses may be issued.

APPENDIX 1 – Moving/Consumable Parts

The below table outlines the parts within each product that are considered to be moving or consumable parts in accordance with the Warranty Period tables detailed within this Policy document.


APPENDIX 2 – Quality Assurance (Warranty) Policy on Customer Modification


The purpose of this document is to provide our customers with a guideline on our Quality Assurance (Warranty) Policy should any product manufactured by Hanwha Vision be modified (as defined below) by the customer.

Definition of Modification

In this case, modification is the process of painting, by any method, the outer casing of Hanwha Vision CCTV security camera(s) purchased for pre-agreed project(s) in order to match the aesthetics of the area surrounding the location of installation.

Quality Assurance (Warranty) on Discretionary Modification

  • Save the Policy Exemption(s) listed below, there is no change to the standard Quality Assurance (Warranty) Policy on product(s) modified in accordance with the definition above.
  • Where it is determined that the modification as defined above has caused an issue/problem with the product(s), the Quality Assurance (Warranty) may not be valid and the customer may be asked to pay for any repairs/servicing to the product(s).

Policy Exemptions

  1. Product that has been modified is not eligible for AR (Advance Replacement) due to the nature of the customisation of the product.
  2. Modified products with incorporated GORE® valve [1] (camera vents) are excluded from Quality Assurance (Warranty) as there is a risk of blocking the GORE® valve (camera vents) during the painting process, which can lead to accumulation of humidity in these products.
  3. Where modification is to a black/dark painted finish, it should be noted that this can cause Product to heat up excessively in direct sunlight. Painting of this nature would be at the installers’ risk. Warranty will not apply on impairments to Product determined by the Service team to be as a direct result of this modification.

Modification Guidelines

These guidelines should be applied in order to help ensure the longevity of Hanwha Vision CCTV security cameras that are modified in this way. Where the fault is determined is to be as a result of one of the below, the product will not be eligible for Quality Assurance (Warranty).

  1. The window/dome cover of the camera must not be painted as any painting of this area will block the field of view and/or affect the resolution quality.
  2. Moving and/or detachable parts must not be painted as residue on these parts may cause the product to malfunction and/or lead to fault due to not being able to function properly and/or adding extra force to function.
  3. Any screw hole(s) and/or SD card (Secure Digital card) slot(s) should be protected throughout the painting procedure to prevent blockages. Failure to do so may cause the product to malfunction or cease working entirely.
  4. Painting should not be done where the casing of the product is of plastic material. Painting this casing can cause a chemical reaction in the plastics, which will result in cracking to the outer casing.
  5. Following the painting of the product(s), the S/N (Serial Number) and/or MAC Address (Media Access Control Address) should still be clearly visible. Failure to identify a product as a result of the painting procedure will invalidate its Quality Assurance (Warranty).

Invalidated Warranty

In any circumstances where Warranty on Hanwha Product has been rejected as a result of a lack of adherence to these guidelines, there may still be an option to repair the Product at a cost to be invoiced to the Customer via the Distributor.

GORE® Valve Products

The following products have an incorporated GORE® valve where Policy exemption 2 noted above applies:

ONO-9081R PNO-A9081ROP XND-6081FZ XND-C7083RV XNO-C6083R XNV-6081RE
ONV-9081R PNV-A6081R XND-6081REV XND-C8083RV XNO-C7083R XNV-6081Z
PND-A6081RF PNV-A9081R XND-6081RF XND-C9083RV XNO-C8083R XNV-6083R
PND-A6081RV PNV-A9081RLP XND-6081RV XNF-8010RV XNO-C9083R XNV-6123R
PND-A9081RF PNV-A9081ROP XND-6081V XNF-8010RVM XNO-L6080R XNV-8081R
PND-A9081RV QNO-8080R XND-6081VZ XNF-9010RV XNP-6400 XNV-8081RE
PNF-9010RV QNP-6250H XND-6083RV XNF-9010RVM XNP-6400R XNV-8081Z
PNF-9010RVM QNP-6250R XND-8081FZ XNO-6080R XNP-6400RW XNV-8082R
PNM-8082VT QNP-6320H XND-8081REV XNO-6083R XNP-8250 XNV-8083R
PNM-9022V QNP-6320R XND-8081RF XNO-6085 XNP-8250R XNV-8093R
PNM-9031RV QNV-6024RM XND-8081RV XNO-6085R XNP-8300RW XNV-9082R
PNM-9084QZ QNV-6025RM XND-8081VZ XNO-6085RP XNP-9250 XNV-9083R
PNM-9084RQZ SHD-1350FPW XND-8082RF XNO-6120 XNP-9250R XNV-C6083R
PNM-9085RQZ SNV-L6014RBM XND-8082RV XNO-6120R XNP-9300RW XNV-C7083R
PNM-9320VQP SNV-L6014RM XND-8083RV XNO-6123R XNV-6012 XNV-C8083R
PNM-9322VQP TID-600R XND-8093RV XNO-8080R XNV-6012M XNV-C9083R
PNO-9080R TNO-7180R XND-9082RF XNO-8082R XNV-6022R
PNO-A6081R TNV-7010RC XND-9082RV XNO-8083R XNV-6022RM
PNO-A9081R TNV-8010C XND-9083RV XNO-9082R XNV-6081
PNO-A9081RLP XND-6081F XND-C6083RV XNO-9083R XNV-6081R

The location of the GORE® valve on these products is indicated in the below diagram:


[1]See GORE® Valve Products for clarification on what products contain a GORE® valve.