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In a tough economic environment, end-users are understandably looking to achieve maximum benefit from their investment in a video surveillance system, either to assist them deter and detect criminal activity or to help them identify areas of their business where efficiency could be improved.

Hanwha Techwin was one of the first manufacturers to recognise that video analytics presented an opportunity for installers to generate new business by helping their end-users to achieve so much more than just capturing high quality images. The massive processing power of the latest generation of open platform Wisenet cameras from Hanwha Techwin has enabled the company to follow a three layered approach to offering video surveillance solutions which incorporate various types of analytics.


mockup_gecko-e1512573486277Video analytics as standard

Many of the cameras in the Wisenet P, Q and X series offer Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) features as standard. These include face detection, tripwire and enter/exit direction, object appear/disappear, and ‘tampering’, which creates an alert if paint is sprayed on a camera lens or there is unauthorised movement of a camera away from its usual field of view.

Some of the more recently introduced Wisenet cameras are also equipped with an audio analysis function which recognises critical sounds, such as gunshots, explosions, screams and broken glass, and then immediately raises an alarm.


Out-of-box solutions

Although virtually any application can be uploaded to open-platform Wisenet cameras, Hanwha Techwin has carefully chosen specific applications from preferred technology partners and made these available out-of-box to ensure seamless integrations and easy installation. These include:

  • Intruder Detection: a single device intrusion, people loitering and abandoned/stolen objects detection solution which provides maximum detection, whilst significantly reducing the impact of time consuming and costly false alarms. By harnessing the massive processing power of the chipset at the heart of Wisenet X cameras with A.I. Tech’s intelligent video analytics, the combined solutions provide reliable detection regardless of the lighting conditions or the presence of shadows or reflections. 
  •  Group ANPR cameras for small site management: Developed in partnership with analytics experts, FF Group, this solution is ideal for small sites with multiple entrances/exits or roadways. Camera-to-camera IP communication technology enables up to 4 Wisenet Group ANPR cameras, (1 master camera and 3 slaves) to work together. The cameras recognise vehicle number plates and simultaneously transmit data to a single web based display.
  • Retail Solution: The retail sector in particular has much to gain from the data that affordable analytics solutions can deliver. Understanding the buying behaviour of customers has never been more important, with ‘high street’ retailers facing fierce competition from the online options that are now so easily accessible to consumers. Those retailers that give consumers the choice, can take advantage of video analytics to monitor and measure the impact of on-line promotions and other marketing activities on the number of people that enter their stores.
    Hanwha Techwin and analytic specialists A.I Tech, have jointly engineered a retail solution to enable small retail chains, as well as small outlets such as convenience stores, newsagents and petrol stations, to gain a greater understanding of the type and numbers of people who visit their stores.
  • Automatic Incident Detection (AID) Solution: An easy to deploy and highly accurate city wide incident detection solution which is designed to be affordable for budget conscious local authorities. Sprinx Traffic AID lets operators instantly know when traffic is slowing down and whether there is a lengthening queue. It will also detect broken down or illegally stopped vehicles, a wrong way driver, a pedestrian in danger or smoke in a tunnel. It will even spot if some cargo has fallen off a lorry!
    Sprinx Traffic AID utilises intelligent image processing to quickly alert operators about specific traffic related events, whilst at the same time, enables statistical data such as vehicle classification, counting and flow to be recorded. Sprinx Traffic AID’s intuitive web user interface enables operators to specify detection zones and parameters and to analyse statistical data via easy on the eye graphics and charts. An event journal provides a log of all events and snapshots of individual incidents.


shutterstock_135298259-amend-e1509012867608Server and cloud based analytics solutions

Hanwha Techwin has worked closely with market leading analytics developers to offer effective solutions for enterprise level applications. These include:

  • Intelligent Traffic Management: A comprehensive suite of ANPR based intelligent traffic management solutions. The solutions range from car park access control for business applications, through to large scale city wide based systems, which enable local authorities to keep people safe, as well as detect illegally parked vehicles and other traffic infringements.


The FF Group licence plate recognition application, which is effective with all European number plate formats, has been integrated with two Wisenet cameras. As a result, the Wisenet [pv sku=’SNO-6095RH/FNP‘ lang=’en‘] and ANPR [pv sku=’XNO-6120R/FNP‘ lang=’en‘] cameras are able to offer more than a 95% recognition accuracy whatever the environmental conditions and even when vehicles are moving at speeds of up to 150 km/h.

  • Server based solution: For large car parks, shopping centres and other commercial sites where there is significant traffic movement, the single-site Wisenet ANPR server solution provides a highly efficient and scalable option. It is able to simultaneously monitor images of vehicle traffic activity by up to 32 cameras, whilst additional benefits include online alerting, access control and utilisation analysis.
  • Cloud based solutions for multiple sites: Wisenet ANPR is also available in a range of Cloud based solutions which are designed for multi-camera and multi-site applications. Providing ‘intelligent’ data analysis, these include ‘Number Plate cloud’ which delivers reports that include a photo of number plates, entry/exit timing and push notifications and alerts and ‘Car Park cloud’ which allows security personnel to have strict control over which vehicles have access to a site’s sensitive areas, such as loading bays.
  • City Traffic cloud’ is designed to be located at city centre intersections and main roads. It provides local authorities and police with the licence plate numbers of vehicles involved in traffic lane or parking infringements. It also offers access to real-time traffic flow data, such as the average speed and the number of vehicles on the roads. More in-depth analysis for longer term planning comes from the data that is recorded on everyday drivers who travel into specific areas.
  • Wisenet Retail Intelligence Solutions: The long standing technology partnership between Hanwha Techwin and Facit Data Systems has resulted in selected Wisenet cameras being able to take full advantage of Facit’s powerful Calculus server based intelligent retail video analytics software, to deliver a new generation of Retail Intelligence solutions. [Edit: this partnership has now ended.]


The Calculus solution is designed for large retail stores and supports bi-directional people counting and heat mapping with real time and time lapse viewing functions. Up to 64 Wisenet Heatmap or People Counting cameras can be connected to Calculus using a single core i7 PC. On-going multiples of up to 64 cameras can be added by installing additional PCs, with almost limitless configuration options to enable the end-user to tailor the system to meet their precise requirements. Reports are available in real-time from anywhere on the network.

  • Wisenet Heatmap cameras are able to provide accurate, real-time information about customer in-store behaviour. They do so by displaying hotspots within a store to indicate customer buying patterns, including dwell times. A time-lapse feature adds to the camera’s ability to provide valuable business intelligence, such as identifying any areas of a store where there might be low activity in order to assist with product placement decisions.
  • Wisenet bi-directional People Counting cameras offer retailers the opportunity to measure store efficiency between footfall and actual sales. They also identify the busiest days, times and seasons, helping manage peaks and troughs of customer flow at checkouts.


Heatmapping DashboardPeople Counting DashboardDepending on the field of view, images captured by the Wisenet Heatmap and People Counting cameras can also be used by security personnel to detect any suspicious activity as well as provide valuable business intelligence for marketing, merchandising, human resources and retail operations departments.


WE MOVE with trust

End-users do not measure products and solutions just by their features and this why Hanwha Techwin believes in taking responsibility for the solutions developed with its technology partners.

The success of its strategy to work in close partnership with specialist application developers in order to deliver new, innovative solutions in integration with our high performance Wisenet open platform cameras, has been recently further justified by an award recently won by our technology partner, A.I.Tech.

A.I Tech’s video analytics technology, which is utilised by Wisenet Retail solutions, was selected as the winner of the Business Intelligence category in the Benchmark Innovation Awards 2018.

The awards, which are run by Benchmark Magazine, the monthly publication which is widely regarded as the “Which” magazine for the electronic security industry, are designed to recognise and reward innovative thinking and the delivery of benefits through advanced security solutions.