Optimised Retail Solutions

Hanwha Vision continues to update and expand the versatility of its retail surveillance solutions to provide
store operators with everything they need – before, during and long after the sale.

Retailers can use our technologies for more than security.
They can enhance customer service by comparing traffic patterns against staffing levels,
ensuring store procedures are followed and monitoring customer service issues. Intelligent video surveillance technologies
can help store staff enforce safety measures and procedures, improve employee time management
and analyse customer traffic patterns to ensure merchandise is visible and properly displayed.

Specialty devices for retail

Made for retail

Hanwha Vision’s specialty devices include discreet camera housings and kits that fit any retail environment.
They integrate easily with our public view monitors to provide an active crime deterrent and generate real-time
visual evidence of theft or fraud.


Public View Monitors and Camera Kits

Hanwha Vision public view monitors and camera kits assist in actively deterring retail crime while providing business data and intelligence. Overt on-screen analytics such as face and motion detection are overlaid on top of surveillance video from a discreetly mounted 2MP IP camera. Other options include customised on-screen messaging to indicate a recording is in progress or to display advertising banners.


Pinhole Height Strip camera

Pinhole height strip camera can distinguish a subject’s face and height when used in conjunction with another area camera device.

Complete solutions

Offering efficiency across operations

Hanwha Vision’s video surveillance technologies can help protect every area of your retail location, boost
operational efficiency and deliver deep insights into your business with a full suite of licence-free audio and video analytics.


Showrooms/end caps

  • Flexible camera options for changing layout and lowering
    cost of ownership
  • Remotely adjustable camera fields of view – even after installation is complete
  • Available in 2MP and 5MP models with modular designs for easy upgrades


  • Specialty camera solutions blend into any environment without missing critical information
  • Public viewing monitors assist in actively deterring retail crime
  • Industry-leading Local Contrast Enhancement (LCE) technology with wide dynamic range capabilities
  • Intelligent analytics including people counting, occupancy monitoring, loitering and intrusion detection as well as sound classification

Car parks/loading zones

  • Monitor and capture wide areas with a single multi-sensor panoramic camera installation
  • Licence plate recognition technology for monitoring parking lots, garages and loading docks
  • Serverless ANPR solution, cost effective and easy to set up
  • Equipped with loitering detection analytics
  • Durable vandal-resistant dome and bullet-style cameras
  • ANPR with Make Model Colour Recognition (MMCR)

Loss prevention /command centre

  • View forensic evidence from anywhere, with scalable IP video management and NVR solutions
  • Network and analog digital video recorders store video data onsite
  • Analog video encoders for live viewing or use with popular VMS solutions
  • Wisenet Wave - intuitive VMS platform

/storage rooms

  • Keep staff and inventory safe with Slip and Fall detection (P Series)
  • Multi-sensor devices monitor several areas with a single camera installation
  • Covert cameras provide clear images even in challenging lighting
  • Intruders can accurately be detected using AI, reducing false alarms

Sales floor

  • Easily view entire store floor with a single high-resolution fisheye camera
  • Compact dome cameras maintain aesthetics
  • Micro-PTZ cameras can discreetly follow subjects of interest
  • IP Audio systém může vysílat nabídky, když zákazníci procházejí, aby se chopili prodejních příležitostí

Checkout counters /customer service

  • View two areas with a single dual-head, multi-sensor camera installation
  • Discreet and low-profile camera designs, including the 4-Channel AI Mini Multi-directional camera
  • Queue management analytics alert managers and staff to long checkout lines so they can open more tills

AI cameras


Accurate detection and classification

Hanwha Vision high-resolution cameras have been equipped with AI-based analytics with attribute extraction that can accurately identify both people and vehicles. Being able to differentiate and identify objects leads to faster and more efficient forensic searches, reduced false alarms, as well as a reduction in bandwidth and storage through metadata tagging.


AI BestShot

All extracted attributes are presented in real time via Hanwha Vision’s BestShot feature, which displays a still image of a detected object for easy identification
along with any attributes detected.


AI Mini Multi-directional camera

The PNM-C16013RVQ is an intelligent and compact offering. It provides 360° coverage of scenes to operators, with AI analytics including virtual line and area detection, to provide a cost-effective and discreet solution.

Measuring just 20cm in diameter and 8cm in height, the 4-channel camera is well suited to indoor environments with low ceilings such as retail stores.

Intelligent video and audio analytics

Increasing situational awareness


Hanwha Vision’s licence-free intelligent video and audio analytics technology operates on the edge, alerting operators to abnormal activities in real time.
This increase in situational awareness can help to prevent or minimise damage or harm during an event by prompting a rapid and efficient response.


People counting
Helps retailers measure the impact of marketing activities on the number of people who enter their stores.


Heat map
Evaluates retail traffic based on visitor density and length of stay.


Queue management
Alleviates long check-out lines by alerting staff when customers are waiting for longer than user-defined amounts of time.


Age/gender analytics
Retailers can target marketing efforts at the demographic segments likely to visit in certain areas and at certain times.


IP Audio System
Activate a dwell-time trigger on the IP Audio System to broadcast sales messages to customers near specified areas of a store.


Occupancy monitoring
Provides statistical information based on individuals detected entering or existing pre-defined areas.


Face detection:
Identifies key facial features and issues alerts when a face is present.


Virtual line crossing detection:
Triggers an alarm when objects are detected crossing a pre-defined virtual line or perimeter.


Loitering detection:
Triggers an event when an object enters and rests in a designated virtual zone.


Intrusion detection:
Triggers an event when movement is detected in a designated virtual zone.


Enter/exit detection:
Detection of objects entering or exiting a designated area.


Appear/disappear detection:
Detects the appearance or disappearance of an item in a designated virtual zone.

Audio analytics


Our audio analytics detect and identify the sound of explosions, gunshots, screams, and breaking glass.

IP Video Decoders and Encoders

Flexibility for operators

Hanwha Vision’s decoder and encoder appliances add network-based recording and monitoring
features to analog infrastructures, giving retailers the best of both worlds in one device.



Simultaneously decode up to 49 video streams in resolutions up to 12MP then output them to as many as three monitors over an HDMI, VGA, or BNC connection.


Our 16-channel encoder with dual-codec support for H.264 and MJPEG is compatible with existing analog formats as well as common interfaces for use with PTZ-controlled camera devices. The camera output can be recorded on conventional IP-based NVR and VMS solutions.


Optimised Retail Solutions

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