Optimised Banking and Financial Solutions


Hanwha Vision understands the unique challenges of keeping customers, staff, and property safe in the banking and financial industries.
To that end, we have a wide range of full-feature specialty camera solutions in form factors that are discreet and adaptable to any banking environment.


Specialty Device and Camera Kits


Ideal for banking environments

Hanwha Vision specialty devices include discreet camera housings and kits designed
to blend seamlessly into banking environments while capturing critical information.


ATM camera kits

Hanwha Vision’s ATM camera kits include a universal lens mount
for our covert camera series that is compatible with most popular
ATM models and captures crisp images of ATM users and their
surroundings regardless of environmental lighting conditions.

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  • 2MP 1080p resolution
  • Optimised for low light environments and poor
    lighting conditions
  • Licence-free intelligent video and audio analytics
  • Supports up to 256GB SD card

Flexible IP camera solutions

Hanwha Vision IP camera solutions have evolved to meet the needs of banking environments.
Licence-free onboard business, video, and audio analytics are included on most models in a
variety of conventional and modular form factors guaranteed to suit your space.

Discreet form factors

IP dome cameras in flush mountable and micro-dome form factors provide full area coverage without sacrificing environmental aesthetics.


High-resolution IP fisheye cameras

See an entire room with a single camera in full detail
with a 360° panoramic view.


Pinhole height strip camera

Our pinhole height strip camera can distinguish a subject’s face and height when used in conjunction with another area camera device.

Innovative multi-directional cameras

Cost-effective and flexible

Hanwha Vision dual-sensor multi-directional IP camera solutions include 2MP and 5MP selectable
fixed lens models that eliminate the need for multi-camera installations. Each multi-sensor IP
camera can be installed with a single cable and utilised with most VMS systems
using just a single device recording licence.


Intelligent video and audio analytics

Customisable video and audio analytics


Our licence-free video and audio analytics suite reduces the frequency of false alarms while increasing safety and the efficiency of forensic review.

IP Audio System: if someone too closely approaches an ATM, an audio can be issued warning advising them to maintain a more suitable distance.

Meanwhile our intelligent audio analytics detect and identify the sound of explosions, gunshots, screams, and breaking glass.

Video analytics


Face detection:
Identifies key facial features and issues alerts when a face is present.


Virtual line crossing detection:
Triggers an alarm when objects are detected crossing a pre-defined virtual line or perimeter.


Loitering detection:
Triggers an event when an object enters and rests in a designated virtual zone.


Intrusion detection:
Triggers an event when movement is detected in a designated virtual zone.


Enter/exit detection:
Detection of objects entering or exiting a designated area.


Appear/disappear detection:
Detects the appearance or disappearance of an item in a designated virtual zone.

ANPR for small car parks

Enhance your security team’s efficiency by automating the time-consuming task of logging vehicles by
number plate as they enter and exit parking or sensitive areas. Hanwha Vision cameras with Automatic Number
Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology are operational out of the box and fully integrated into Wisenet WAVE
VMS and other popular video management systems.



Number Plate Recognition Features

  • Camera sends vehicle number plate information to video management system or access control solution
  • Data can be used to produce VMS bookmarks for later review
  • Cost-effective solution, simple to install and automate
  • VIP notification can be set up for “white listed” vehicles

Optimised Banking and Financial Solutions

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