Casino Capvern chooses Hanwha Techwin

Why did Casino Capvern choose Hanwha Techwin?


Casino Etude

By law, casinos are required to have a video surveillance system that stores recordings for at least 28 days. These recordings must be available to the gambling enforcement officers at any time during inspections.

“A casino can now no longer operate without a video surveillance system,” explains the site owner.

Casino Capvern, located in the Hautes Pyrénées, chose Hanwha Techwin Wisenet cameras as they can be easily adapted to meet the current laws and standards, are an affordable price and utilise an easy-to-operate platform.

The cameras serve two purpose:

  • to protect people and the infrastructure against disorderly conduct or overcrowding.
  • to help combat cheating (card counting, players’ behaviour), as well as to settle disputes.

The images save the gambling enforcement officers time when looking for perpetrators.

With the prospect of opening another casino, the owner will once again call upon Hanwha’s products.

Pyrenees Telecom

Hanwha Techwin would like to thank them for their active contribution to the project’s success.

  • Thierry Vergé, Manager of PyrénéesTélécom
  • Mr Frischer, Owner of Capvern casino