Case Study: Store Safe People Ost GmbH

Wisenet cameras helping Austria’s leading specialist outdoor sports retailer to ensnare intruders and thieves.

STORE SAFE PEOPLE GmbH, a retailer which specialises in outdoor sports and survival equipment and clothing, has placed its trust in Wisenet cameras to help provide the highest levels of security at its recently opened new store in Wiener Neustadt.

17 Wisenet IP network cameras have been deployed throughout the store to ensure store management and security personnel have access to video evidence of the highest possible quality so that day or night they can react quickly and appropriately to any suspicious activity.

The Wisenet cameras have been installed by Greystone, a private investigation and security company, which has a proven track record of successfully installing robust, high-security electronic systems. Greystone also offers personal crisis management, survival and self-defence consultancy services and training to individuals and companies.

Camera specification

“STORE SAFE PEOPLE are determined to protect their high-quality products by deterring and detecting intruders and thieves.  As a supplier of security technology, they also want to set a good example in terms of best practice for protecting valuable merchandise,” said I (FH) Vadasz Richard, CEO of Greystone, who are a Hanwha Techwin STEP partner. “As such, STORE SAFE PEOPLE have therefore not hesitated to invest in the very latest generation of ultra-high-definition video surveillance cameras to assist them in capturing and recording evidence grade images of any incidents.

“Having previously implemented a number of other security solutions for this client, we knew they would not wish to compromise in any way on quality or functionality. We, therefore, worked in close partnership with the Hanwha Techwin Europe DACH pre-sales and technical teams to ensure the most suitable Wisenet camera models were specified for each of the required 17 camera locations.”


Wisenet cameras

Among the cameras installed, is a Wisenet PND-9080R 4K IR dome. With the ability to capture superb 12-megapixel images, the Wisenet PND-9080R is equipped with digital auto tracking which can be used to detect moving objects or people during times of low activity, such as night-time. It also has built-in IR illumination and a defocus detection feature that recognises if it is out of focus.

Also installed is a compact, aesthetically attractive Wisenet QNF-8010 mini fisheye camera. Just 99mm wide, this 6-megapixel camera offers 4 display modes including, single fisheye, single panorama, double panorama and quad view mode. Built-in people counting and heatmap video analytics offers STORE SAFE PEOPLE the opportunity to monitor store efficiency in terms of the relationship of footfall data with actual sales.

Many of the cameras deployed have a built-in suite of Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA), which includes including tampering, directional detection, defocus detection, virtual line, enter/exit, appear/disappear, and motion detection.

Video Management

Images captured by the cameras are recorded, stored and managed via a Wisenet Small Form Factor video server with the help of Wisenet WAVE video management software (VMS). WAVE enables operators to easily configure event rules to help them identify specific incidents, whilst its powerful search engine allows recorded footage of any incidents to be quickly retrieved and reviewed. The feature-rich software platform can also be utilised to de-warp the images captured by the fish-eye cameras.

With the need to monitor the store 24/7, authorised personnel are also able to make good use of the Wave Mobile app which they can use on their smartphones or tablets.


“We are very pleased to report the camera and recording solution has exceeded STORE SAFE PEOPLE’s expectations,” said I (FH) Vadasz Richard. “As well as being completely satisfied with the quality of the captured images, control room operators have said they are also impressed with how simple it is for them to take full advantage of the innovative functionality built into the cameras and VMS.”

The video surveillance system has already proved its worth. Almost immediately after the store opened for business, a would-be thief was identified and subsequently arrested by the police who were provided with the relevant video evidence.


Camera list

The Wisenet cameras for this video surveillance project were supplied to Greystone by Anixter Austria GmbH, an authorised Hanwha Techwin distribution partner and include the following models: