Bob (H.Y.) Hwang Ph.D. addresses how Hanwha Techwin continues to prosper

“WE MOVE with trust


It’s an exciting time to be involved in the video surveillance industry. Ground breaking advances in technology are creating new sales opportunities by enabling users to achieve so much more than monitoring and detection.

It’s also a very competitive environment with some relatively new manufacturers seeking to acquire market share through keen pricing strategies. In this article, we examine the position of Hanwha Techwin, which has been active in the video surveillance industry over several decades, and ask Managing Director, Bob (H.Y.) Hwang Ph.D. what steps his company is taking to ensure it continues to prosper.


Q: Bob, has 2018 so far been a successful year for Hanwha Techwin?

A: I am pleased to report this year is looking to be as good for us as 2017, during which we enjoyed a 40% growth in the number of products sold.


Q: That is quite impressive. How was it achieved?

A: The growth was in line with the company’s strategic plan to improve run-rate by building trust in the Wisenet brand and providing the highest possible levels of support to our business partners.

We have also had significant success in winning orders for numerous large projects across Europe. Our ability to compete for these projects is enhanced by offering sophisticated integrated solutions which matches our formidable product range with specialist analytics applications provided by our preferred technology partners.


Q: Can you provide some examples of what these technology partnerships are delivering to the market?

A: We partner with experts in their respective fields, which ensures end-users are able to achieve maximum ROI from their video surveillance systems.

The open platform technology and massive processing power of our proprietary chipsets incorporated into our Wisenet cameras means we are able to run multiple edge-based applications. Although virtually any application can be uploaded to the cameras, we have carefully chosen specific applications from preferred technology partners and made these available out-of-box to ensure seamless integrations and easy installation. These include:

  • Retail analytics: Wisenet people counting and heatmap cameras, which feature applications developed by our technology partner, Facit Data Systems, can be put to work straight of out-of-box. They offer accurate information about customer in-store behaviour and provide retailers with the opportunity to measure store efficiency between footfall and actual sales by monitoring continuously updated live reports and view comparative hourly and weekly reports on footfall, store hotspots and dwell times, as well as how long customers have to queue. They also identify the busiest days, times and seasons, helping to manage peaks and troughs of customer flow at checkouts. [edit: this partnership has now ended.]
  • Automatic Incident Detection: We have combined our expertise with analytics specialist Sprinx Technologies, to develop Wisenet Automatic Incident Detection (AID), an easy to deploy and highly accurate city-wide incident detection solution which is designed to be affordable for budget conscious local authorities. Traffic AID, which was recently shortlisted for the Intertraffic Amsterdam Innovation Award, lets operators instantly know when traffic is slowing down and whether there is a lengthening queue. It will also detect broken down or illegally stopped vehicles and if there is a wrong way driver, a pedestrian in danger or there is smoke in a tunnel. It will even spot if some cargo has fallen off a lorry!
  •  Intelligent Traffic Management: We are working in partnership with analytics experts FF Group to offer a comprehensive suite of ANPR solutions ranging from car park access control for business applications, through to large scale city wide based systems. These enable local authorities and police to keep people safe, as well as detect illegally parked vehicles and other traffic infringements. The Wisenet ANPR cameras are able to offer more than a 95% recognition accuracy whatever the environmental conditions and even when vehicles are moving at speeds of up to 150 km/h.

 Peace of mind is offered to end-users, consultants, system designers and integrators by demonstrating our contractual relationships with these hand-picked technology partners are backed by extensive evaluation and testing of their respective server and cloud offerings, as well as the out-of-box on-board camera solutions. By making some of these solutions available out-of-box, we ensure seamless integrations and easy installation.


Q: In what other areas of video surveillance technology do you think there are likely to be significant advances?

A: Looking to the future, we believe there will be a continuing trend in the development of solutions which combine video surveillance with specialist Applications which capitalise on analytics, deep learning and AI. It is this reason we have established technology partnerships successful in these areas of expertise.

It is important to anticipate the huge potential of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. We are collaborating on the intelligent video analysis platform which is currently being developed by NVIDIA. This will feature AI GPUs based on Deep Learning on security devices. We will be looking to develop AI cameras and storage devices capable of autonomously detecting abnormal movements and situations by utilising the NVIDIA platform which we will apply to our city surveillance, retail and traffic solutions.


Wisenet WAVE


Q: You recently launched a new Video Management Software (VMS) solution. Why did you feel it necessary to do so?

A: We have an entry level free VMS called SSM and for sophisticated Enterprise level VMS projects, the company integrates with technology partners such as Genetec and Milestone. Wisenet WAVE has been launched to answer the needs of projects in the middle ground with an emphasis on simplified user experience. It makes it almost effortless to display up to 64 high definition video streams and an intuitive ‘drag & drop’ tool makes it extremely easy for operators to set up a display of live and recorded images on a single screen or video wall, with customisable layouts and sizes.

Other Wisenet WAVE key features include a virtual PTZ which, with just simple clicks of a mouse, enables operators to zoom in to see close up detail of any suspicious activity, whilst motion detection and video analytics support can be configured to generate alerts when user defined incidents occur. A wide range of smart, keyword, calendar and time-slice search options facilitate rapid retrieval of recorded video.

We want to provide users with the flexibility to choose how and where they wish to manage their video surveillance systems with minimal hardware requirements and so Wisenet WAVE provides users with options which include desktop, cloud, server solution and a mobile App.

Since launching Wisenet WAVE in January 2018, we have announced it is now available conveniently pre-loaded on selected high performance Wisenet servers which are specifically designed for video processing and storage purposes. It has also been integrated with the Paxton Net2 Access Control system via a free Paxton Net2 Plugin. This provides the ability to visually verify the identity of anyone attempting to gain access to a site or sensitive areas of a building, as well as provide video verification of alarm driven events.


Q: Are you confident in your ability to succeed over the coming years?

A: The Hanwha Techwin Europe team is enthused about our potential for further growth during 2018. The launch of Wisenet WAVE, which we believe is a game changer as well as the planned introduction during the year of other new, exciting video surveillance solutions, will give us and our customers a competitive edge. Plus, new technology partnerships to be announced during the coming months will help generate further exciting new business opportunities.


*This article has been edited since it was first published on 9th April, 2018.