APC Overnight Choose Wisenet

Hanwha Techwin and Securitec Systems deliver a high performance video surveillance system to APC Overnight

There was a time not that long ago when the only reason for a distribution centre to invest in CCTV was to deter and detect theft. The quality of the images captured by traditional industry standard analogue cameras, if positioned and set up correctly, could be relied on to verify and more often than not, help obtain a description of the person or a group of people who might be involved in any suspicious activity. The cameras would however rarely be expected to make a contribution beyond this narrow, albeit very important, task.

With the introduction of affordable high definition megapixel cameras and the ability to control them over an IP network infrastructure, has come the opportunity for distribution centres to achieve considerably more from their investment in a video surveillance system. There can perhaps be no better example of this then at APC Overnight’s new national sortation centre in Cannock, West Midlands. A Video Over IP solution, in addition to providing a powerful tool to minimise theft, is assisting operational personnel with tracking the movement every month of 1.5 million parcels, as well as ensuring strict compliance with the company’s Health & Safety procedures.