Sustainability Management - Our ESG Philosophy

We are working to realise responsible management across environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aspects.

As a responsible company, Hanwha Vision seeks to provide solutions to solve economic, environmental, and social problems to lead positive change through our business. Along with this, based on the philosophy of ‘Together, further', we strive to create a better future for all.



Hanwha Vision complies with global environmental regulations to support a more sustainable future, and is making continuous efforts to minimise environmental impact in respect of our technology and capabilities.

Compliance with international environmental standards

Hanwha Vision abides by the European RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) and observes the restriction on substances hazardous to the human body in our product. We have also obtained ISO 14001 certification, satisfying international standards for environmental management.

Sustainable supply chain

In order to provide sustainable products to our customers, we go through a rigorous product development and design process. For example, we evaluate environmental management capability when selecting suppliers. We also encourage the purchasing of environmental-friendly certified products for subsidiary materials for production activities.


Hanwha Vision respects its employees, understanding the importance of work-life balance, and seeking effective collaboration with its partners. By generating additional value for customers and local communities, we are leading positive change.


Mutual growth through win-win cooperation

Hanwha Vision helps SMEs strengthen their capabilities and enter the public procurement market through a ‘win-win cooperation support system between large and small businesses’. We jointly manufacture products  and support entrance into the public procurement market.

Safety and trust-based system

We comply with worker safety standards through ISO 45001 (management systems of occupational health and safety) certification and construct a quality assurance system throughout the entire process of products and services through ISO 9-001(quality management system) to create trust with our customers.



Hanwha Vision has a compliance committee responsible for ethics and compliance management. We provide guidelines to our members to help them comply with the law and are now developing training programmes to increase understanding of compliance in our industry.

Compliance management programme

Hanwha Vision‘s internal compliance organisation conducts regular self-inspection for our members, distributes specific regulations and manuals, raises awareness on compliance through regular training, and checks implementation statuses.

Compliance operating organisation


Sustainability Report

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