2020: A year filled with achievement

The year 2020 saw Hanwha Techwin proudly consolidate its position as a market-leading manufacturer.

As well as responding quickly to the need for businesses to operate safely by developing a suite of COVID-19 solutions, we are also very proud to have introduced the industry’s first super-high-resolution 8K camera and launched Wisenet7, our most powerful chipset to date, which is equipped with industry-leading cyber security functionality.

We continued to provide system integrators and our business partners with a competitive edge by introducing a constant stream of other new exciting products and solutions and along the way, we picked up more than a few accolades and awards.


Looking forward to another twelve months of market-leading innovations

You can be assured that Hanwha Techwin will remain determined to pursue every opportunity to capitalise on emerging technologies. In addition to a product roadmap which will see a continuing strengthening of our product range, we will also be working closely with hand-picked technology partners to develop new specialist applications which will allow end-users to achieve even greater value from their video surveillance systems.

2020 in Retrospect



The industry's first super-high-resolution 8K camera

Security personnel responsible for the safety of visitors at airports, sports stadiums and other wide-open environments where there is a high risk of terrorist activity, can rely on the Wisenet TNB-9000 to help them detect and forensically analyse any suspicious activity. Read more

tnb-9000 8k camera


Wisenet 4K AI cameras

Life became much easier for control room operators and security personnel with the launch of 5 new Wisenet P ultra-high definition 4K AI cameras equipped with licence-free Deep Learning AI video analytics which offer a high level of detection accuracy, whilst minimising false alarms. Read more

AI Cameras

Wisenet7 Chipset

With the introduction of its new proprietary chipset, Hanwha Techwin yet again set a new standard for IP network video surveillance solutions. The company’s most powerful chipset to date, offers industry-leading cyber security functionality, as well as delivering clear, sharp images in all lighting conditions. Read more



Wisenet X 12 Megapixel Fisheye cameras

These 12-megapixel stereographic Fisheye cameras, which are equipped with our proprietary Wisenet7 chipset and with built-in IR illumination, are able to capture superb quality images, regardless of the lighting conditions. Read more

Wisenet XNF-9010RV fisheye (1220-824)


Wisenet 3-Channel Multi-Directional camera

The latest addition to the Wisenet P ‘Premium’ camera series removes the risk that important video evidence might be missed when there is a need to monitor two adjacent sides of a building or a T-shaped corridor or junction. Read more


Wisenet X PTZ PLUS cameras

AI-based object tracking, precise PTZ control, improved pre-set accuracy, adaptive IR illumination and enhanced cyber security are just a few of the many innovations which have been built into the new high definition Wisenet X PTZ PLUS cameras launched by Hanwha Techwin.


Wisenet PoE Extender cameras

Minimising installation costs by making the best use of cabling infrastructure, the Wisenet PoE Extender cameras are designed to save integrators and end-users time and money when there is a requirement to install two cameras within 80 metres of each other.

PoE extender cameras



Vertical and COVID-19 Solutions


Serverless ANPR Solution and Awards

We strengthened our range of Intelligent Traffic Management solutions with the introduction of highly cost-effective Serverless ANPR. Developed in partnership with analytics experts, FF Group, it is ideal for small site management, this solution offers all the benefits of ANPR without incurring the cost of a server to run it on.

The readers of GIT SECURITY, one of Europe’s leading security trade publications, chose this solution as the winner of the Security Management and Security Solutions category in the GIT SECURITY Awards 2021. It was also the runner-up in the Business Intelligence Solutions category of the 2020 Benchmark Innovation Awards. Read more.


Wisenet Temperature Detection Thermal camera

With the ability to estimate body temperature with a high degree of accuracy, the dual-purpose Wisenet TNM-3620TDY is equipped with QVGA thermal imaging and high definition cameras to help businesses operate safely. Read more


Occupancy Monitoring Application

Our licence-free Occupancy Monitoring application, which runs on Wisenet AI cameras, was developed to provide retailers, places of worship and museums, as well as leisure facilities, pubs, clubs and restaurants, with highly accurate data on the number of customers on their premises at any particular time. Read more

Occupancy Monitoring retail

Face Mask Detection

Coinciding with the launch of the Occupancy Monitoring application designed, we introduced a Face Mask Detection application to further help businesses operate in a COVID-19 affected world. Read more

Face Mask Detection

Social Distance Measuring application

Developed by A.I Tech, Hanwha Techwin’s award-winning technology partner, the server-based Social Distance Measuring application is able to accurately measure the distance between people in a camera’s field of view and will generate an alarm if social distancing rules are not being complied with. Users can also be alerted if the number of people within an area exceeds a specified threshold. Read more

social distancing


 Video recording and management


New NVRs ensure maximum benefit from Wisenet AI cameras

The feature-rich 32 and 64-channel NVRs are able to read AI metadata, enabling operators to quickly and accurately search for objects and attributes associated to them. Together, the NVRs and AI cameras significantly help reduce false alarms. Read more

AI NVRs (1200x824)


Wisenet WAVE PoE NVRs

These were introduced to provide a cost-effective way for users to be able to take advantage of the highly popular Wisenet WAVE video management software (VMS), without having to install a server. Equipped with a powerful processor, they provide users with a seamlessly integrated and optimised way of utilising the latest version of the feature-rich VMS. Read more



Making life easier for system integrators


Wisenet QR Scanner App

Downloadable from the Apple App Store and Google Play and run on any smart mobile device, the App is able to capture information on all the latest generation of Wisenet products, including model names, serial numbers and MAC addresses. It is designed to help quickly create a list of all Wisenet devices associated with a specific project, without having to take the products out of their packaging. Read more

QR Scanner 1200x824


JVSG System Design Tool

The time needed to plan, design and accurately evaluate the efficiency of a video surveillance system has been significantly reduced with the news that JVSG’s highly acclaimed IP Video System Design Tool now supports all Wisenet IP Network cameras. Read more

Hanwha Techwin 1200x650-2


Events, landmarks and achievements


Wisenet7 chipset awarded UL CAP cybersecurity certification

Hanwha Techwin’s position as global leader in video surveillance was reaffirmed with the announcement that Wisenet7, the company’s next-generation proprietary camera chipset, had achieved UL Cybersecurity Assurance Program (UL CAP) certification. Read more

Hanwha Techwin - UL Certificate Ceremony_1200x675


Secure by Default

With cyber security remaining a hot topic within the video surveillance industry, Hanwha Techwin is proud to be one of the first camera manufacturers in the United Kingdom to be issued with the UK Government’s Surveillance Camera Commissioner’s ‘Secure by Default’ certification mark for the Wisenet7 X Series cameras. Read more

Secure by Default Standard, Wisenet 7


A 30-year Journey

In 1990, Hanwha Techwin took the first step towards becoming one of the world’s leading manufacturers of video surveillance solutions. Take a look at Hanwha Techwin’s timeline. Read more